Harvard Dean Rakesh Khurana Targeted by White Nationalist Site

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana. (Photo courtesy: The Harvard Crimson/ Megan M. Ross
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CAMBRIDGE, MA— A blog article on a white nationalist site VDARE has targeted Harvard University Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana, according to a report published in the Harvard Crimson.

Crimson reported that the blog article targeted Khurana for his stated support of undocumented students, inviting readers to contact Khurana and calling on federal law enforcement officials to arrest him.

The post, entitled “Break Harvard And Arrest Rakesh Khurana and Loc Truong,” also takes aim at Harvard’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion Programs Loc Truong.

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana. (Photo courtesy: The Harvard Crimson/ Megan M. Ross

“It argues that the administrators’ attitude toward undocumented students was an “open defiance of the immigration laws of the United States” and that the administrators should face “criminal prosecution,” according to Crimson.

In November, Khurana said he would prioritize protecting Harvard’s undocumented students at what he called a “time of uncertainty,” as President Donald Trump prepared to take office. In outlining measures the College would take, Khurana appointed Truong to act as a “point person” for any concerns raised by undocumented students, Crimson reported.

In an emailed statement, Khurana affirmed his support for undocumented students, according to Crimson. “As Dean, I am proud to support and stand up for all of our students, and will continue to do so,” Khurana said.

The blog article in VDARE also implores readers to report Khurana and Truong to the Department of Homeland Security and the Diplomatic Security Service, providing phone numbers and addresses for two Boston-based government agents. The article also provided Khurana and Truong’s email addresses, calling for readers to contact them directly, according to Crimson.

VDARE, a commentary site which describes itself as the “premier outlet for patriotic immigration reform,” regularly publishes articles calling for stricter immigration laws, and arguing that diversity is harmful to America.

Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of VDARE.com, wrote in an email to Crimson that the site “believes that legal immigration should be cut back, illegal immigration should be halted and the stock of illegals in the country eliminated.” “Quite obviously, the activities of these Harvard bureaucrats are of interest to us in this regard.”


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