Harrdy Sandhu: Would love to be a lyricist someday

Harrdy Sandhu (Photo: Twitter)
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New Delhi– Singer Harrdy Sandhu wants to explore more aspects of making music. He is yet to officially don the hat of a composer but he feels that he is good at composing music. Penning lyrics of songs is an area which he feels he needs to work on.

“I would love to (be a lyricist). I am good at composing but I try to write lyrics. I am too bad at that. I am still trying. You become good after practicing and I am doing that,” Harrdy told IANS.

The genre of the song doesn’t matter to him. “All kinds of music. The next one (song that I am doing is totally different. It’s something that I haven’t done in the past. I like good music. There’s no specific genre as such. It can be hip-hop also,” said the singer, who has made a name for himself in the dance and romantic songs genres.

For now, his fans can enjoy listening to “Jee karr daa” — his first single of 2020. He said working on it was an amazing experience.

“We shot it in Turkey. It was a three-day shoot. We had travelled to three cities and everywhere the weather was different like we shot it in Cappadocia. It was freezing cold there,” he said.

The catchy track has lyrics by Mellow D and music by Akull. Recalling how Harrdy bagged the song, he shared: “I went to them. I said ‘If you have some songs, tell me’. They made me listen to some songs. I heard all their songs and I said ‘okay, okay. It’s good but not that big that I want’.”

“After that, they said ‘We have one more song. Please listen to this. See if you want to sing it. We found it ‘theek theek’ (okay okay). I said ‘This is my song. I want this’,” added the singer, who also gave “little inputs to the arrangement” of the track.

Harrdy’s singles like “Soch” and “Naah” have been recreated for the big screen too. Asked how comfortable he is with this trend, Harrdy said: “There are so many remixes. only few are good. Most of them are bad. As long as it’s good, I am okay with it. If you can do it better than the original then I am okay with it. But if you know that you are ruining the song then please don’t do it. I would not like to get my song ruined. If I am not liking the remake of my song then I will not do it.”

He was quite unhappy when “Soch” was given a Bollywood twist in 2016. Instead of him, it was sung by Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar for Akshay Kumar-starrer “Airlift”.

“Naah”, on the other hand, was recreated as “Naah goriye” for last year’s hit film “Bala”. It was sung by Harrdy and Swasti Mehul.

Does this mean that he would like to be involved in all the recreations of his songs?

“At that time (‘Soch’ recreation) also, I wanted to sing but I didn’t know. Anyway, it’s gone. We shouldn’t talk about it but for my next single, yes, I’d definitely love to sing my own songs. We have done a lot of hard work on them. Of course, I would not like that someone else sings my song,” said the “Joker” singer. (IANS)


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