Giorgia Andriani opens up on her experience of learning Indian languages

Giorgia Andriani
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Mumbai– Actress Giorgia Andriani, who made her acting debut with 2019 Tamil film “Karoline And Kamakshi”, is currently spending time learning Indian languages.

The actress, who knows Italian, Spanish and German, is learning Marathi, for her upcoming movie “Welcome To Bajrangpur”.

Talking about her eagerness to learn new Indian languages, she says: “In my experience learning languages is always a pleasant process. I always make it a point to learn at least 10 to 15 words daily and force myself to interact with people, and whenever I don’t understand something I don’t feel embarrassed to ask the meaning of the word, and then write it down in my notes.”

Giorgia, who was also seen in the video of Mika’s version of “Roop tera mastana”, says that Hindi has been easiest for her learn so far.

“I found Hindi the easiest language to learn in India because it’s so widely spoken, especially in the melting pot where I live — Mumbai, as well as in many North states where I have travelled to and worked in. As of now, I’m planning to stick to Marathi as it is part of the heritage of the beautiful state I live in – Maharastra,” she said.

Revealing what is next on her list, she says: “Maybe later on I’ll focus on Gujarati as it’s quite a handy language to know.” (IANS)


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