Free College Admissions Webinar and Diagnostic Test on Sunday Feb 7 at Academy of Creative Arts

Java and Hetal Joshi
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BURLINGTON, MA–Academy of Creative Arts is bringing college admissions counselling, profile building and standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, Subject SAT & AP Classes) to benefit all college bound students in North America.

Academy, in collaboration with EdMission and ReWiser, is conducting a free Webinar to help students/parents learn more about the college admissions journey.  (Sign up for Free Webinar at

There are 2 critical components that students and parents will learn about in the Webinar on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021 from 1:00 – 2.30 pm EST.

  • College Admissions – Profile Building, Essay Guidance, Scholarship & Financial Aid Assistance
  • Standardized Test Prep – SAT/ACT, Subject SAT and AP test planning

Every person who signs up and attends the Webinar will also get a free Diagnostic Test & Report individually reviewed with students and parents.

The most unique aspect of the program is that it is completely customized and personalized for each student, the Academy said in a statement. A dedicated counselor / mentor works with each student and parent and acts as a quarterback working with a team of experts and faculties providing white-glove service through the entire college admissions and test prep journey.

College bound journey is critical but confusing for all. There are limited resources available that can help guide students and parents plan everything effectively and efficiently without breaking their bank. Most parents wake up at the last minute when their child is in 11th or 12th grade and start thinking about how they would present an all rounded profile and impactful essay to the college admissions board, the Academy said.

Most effective way is to start early (sometimes as early as 8th or 9th grade) and build a more holistic and realistic profile based on the kids aptitude, interest and background. The idea is to have a real and believable profile and essay that both the student and school can be proud of.

Academy is collaborating with EdMission Consulting for college admissions advisory. EdMission has 18 years of deep expertise and experience helping students across the globe achieve their dream of getting into some of the best colleges around the world. In an exclusive collaboration with ACA, EdMission is excited to bring their one of a kind structured and individualized college admissions advisory program to students and parents of North America. The most important aspect of EdMissions success is their super personalized approach, a dedicated counsellor / mentor that works with a team of over 50 people every step of the way to help make the best case for the student. One common goal – to help students and parents through the entire journey of getting ready to land at their dream college.

Every step is very critical when planning for college. It all starts with a Psychometric / Aptitude Test and initial Profile Evaluation. Each student is paired with a dedicated lead counselor who quarterbacks the entire process with the student/parent and the team. The team then based on each student’s skill and aptitude/interest works on Resume Building, College/University selection, helps with subject selection, guides on which specific standardized test is best for the student (ACT or SAT?). Team also helps with research paper guidance/ mentoring, internship guidance, how best to use community service hours and enroll in summer school projects to further enhance the profile etc. Once these are done, time comes to write Essays – so the team works with each student parent on essay guidance / mentoring providing unlimited number of essay reviews & edits. Once the student has applied to their choice of schools the team also helps with housing, scholarship & financial aid guidance. Scholarship and financial aid is an area many students/parents overlook as there are many opportunities and avenues for students/parents to avail aid that often go un-utilized.

When it comes to Standardized Test Prep Academy has collaborated with ReWiser, brainchild of Rajdeep Pundir – a BITS Pilani grad from Bangalore.

Unlike others that try too many things, ReWiser is laser focused on just standardized test prep, helping students with the SAT/ACT, SAT Subject, Math, English and AP prep. With over 3000+ students in 6 countries in just 5 years ReWiser has the highest peer to peer referral and success rate. One of the most unique aspects of this program is that it prepares students for both SAT and ACT at the same time – so students/parents don’t have to choose between SAT or ACT – once ready they can appear on both and choose the score that best suits their application needs. Also, unlike other programs it’s not one teacher for all, rather there is an expert faculty for each subject that teaches that subject essentially providing access to a team of experts that work with the student to provide more than 60 hours of personalized 1-1 coaching and training.

“We have had so many students grow in front of our eyes at the Academy. Just like our own kids who are now just a couple of years away from college. We, like many parents, were confused and thought this is an area that many parents like us need help. And like greedy parents who want the best for their kids, we again sought the best for our kids and Academy family of students and partnered with EdMission and ReWiser to bring these programs at ACA” said Java and Hetal Joshi – Founders of Academy of Creative Arts.

To Learn more about College Admissions Program and get a FREE Diagnostic Test & Individual Report Review – SIGN UP AT

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