FedEx to deploy Boeing 777F to deliver medical supplies to India

Raj Subramaniam (Photo: FedEx
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Memphis– As India and its healthcare systems battle a steep surge in Covid cases across the country, transportation major FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., is working with organisations around the world to deliver critical medical supplies and equipment to India.

FedEx is currently supporting the transportation of more than 25,000 oxygen concentrators and converters through an initiative of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum and other multinational companies.

An initial shipment of 1,000 critical oxygen concentrators was delivered by FedEx to New Delhi on April 30 as part of this initiative.

On May 8, the company will deploy a FedEx Boeing 777F charter aircraft to move more than 3,400 oxygen concentrators, converters and nearly 265,000 KN95 masks from New Jersey to Mumbai.

In addition, FedEx is working with its customers and non-profit organisations to deliver large quantities of medical supplies to India in the days and weeks ahead.

The company is also a founding member of the Global Task Force on Pandemic Response, a public-private partnership formed by the US Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Business Roundtable to provide a unified platform for businesses to mobilise and deliver resources to assist Covid control efforts around the world.

“The devastating humanitarian crisis in India requires relief from around the world, and it is our mission to deliver critical aid needed to help alleviate the suffering,” said FedEx President and COO, Raj Subramaniam. (IANS)


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