Father of slain US Muslim soldier says Trump has a dark heart

Khizr Khan (Photo: Wikipedia)
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Washington– Khizr Khan, the father of an American Muslim soldier slain in Iraq, said on Sunday that Donald Trump has “a dark heart”, in response to the US Republican presidential candidate’s controversial comeback to the speech he gave on July 28 at the Democratic National Convention.

“He has a dark heart…he is not suitable, not fit, even for the candidacy of the stewardship that he is seeking,” said Khan, an attorney and Pakistani immigrant to the US in a statement on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

Khizr Khan (Photo: Wikipedia)
Khizr Khan (Photo: Wikipedia)

The soldier’s father was reacting to Trump’s remarks about his speech to the Democratic National Convention this week in Philadelphia, at which Hillary Clinton was officially nominated Democratic party’s candidate for the White House, EFE news reported.

In his speech, Khan, accompanied by his wife Ghazala, slammed Trump for his idea of temporarily banning Muslims from entering the United States to deal with the threat of jihadist terrorism.

Trump has “sacrificed nothing and no one”, Khan, whose son Humayun, a captain in the US Army, died in a car-bomb attack in 2004 in Iraq, said at the convention,

In an interview that aired on Saturday on the ABC network, Trump answered that he has made “a lot of sacrifices” and asked if “Hillary’s script writers” wrote Khan’s speech.

The magnate also suggested that perhaps his wife didn’t speak together with her husband because she probably “wasn’t allowed to”, an apparent reference to her condition as a Muslim woman.

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say,” EFE news quoted Trump as saying.

Khan’s wife Ghazala said on Friday during an interview on the MSNBC network that she didn’t speak because the death of her son still hurts her deeply and she can’t help being overcome by emotion when she sees his photo.

Khan said on CNN that the fact that Trump has no respect for a Gold Star mother “is insulting, foolish and ignorant”.

“Running for President is not an entitlement to disrespect Gold Star families and (a) Gold Star mother, not realising her pain,” the attorney told ABC News. (IANS)


  1. Today Mr Trump suggested the United States should accept the RUssian invasion/annexation of Crimea. He is spiraling out of control quickly and anyone with eye’s that wants to use them can see clearly. He simply has so little clue about what he is speaking of when it comes to foreign affairs, and at this point he is becoming dangerous.

    It’s insulting to us all at this point.. Except for what we have seen on reality TV, NONE of us know a darn thing about the real Mr Trump or his charming communist block born wife, anymore than we know about the real Eddie Haskel from Leave it to Beaver.. Mr Trump has no public service, or military record to be vetted on, and wont show you who he owes the most money to either. And that simply is ‘not ok’.

    Mr Trump, we really need to see your tax returns at this juncture so the nation can make sure you are not beholden to Kremlin interests and many many unpaid Russian loans. You are now officially talking like a satellite Putin, and it is really becoming quite disturbing that so many in the GOP are watching in fear, but far too cowardly and unethical themselves to take an AMERICAN stance against Mr Trumps utter anti American/Allies ignorance…


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