Fashion forecast: Layered clothing, androgynous styles will rule in 2016

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By Nivedita

NEW DELHI– Unisex and layered fashion in soothing colours, with prints, patterns and embroidery will be big on the style meter throughout the New Year, say Indian designers.

IANS spoke to designers like Varija Bajaj and Gautam Gupta, as well as Karan Ahuja, director of scarves, stoles and shawl brands Ahujasons, to gauge what will be a hit amongst fashionistas this year.

Varija Bajaj (Photo: Facebook)
Varija Bajaj (Photo: Facebook)

“Women of today no longer believe that glamour comes just by wearing fitted clothes or showing curves. They are, in fact, very comfortable in donning boxy silhouettes, over-sized dresses and lots of layers. Even the male counterpart is not confined to just black, blue and grey and even they are seen wearing drapes, kalidaar kurtas and embellished jackets,” Gupta told IANS.

Here’s a sum-up of the trends that will shine:

* Androgynous fashion: The line is getting more blurred in fashion between genders. The season is all set to experiment with androgynous fashion, so there will be a lot of boxy silhouettes, boyfriend dressing and comfortable fashion taking place in 2016. Whether it’s the Bollywood red carpet events or the fashion weeks, androgynous clothing has already set the trend rolling and it will reach new heights this year.

* Layered clothing: Sheers in summer and layers in winter is what we can expect in 2016. Fashion will be more about being stylish with a voluminous feel. Sheer fabrics such as net, organza and tulle will be seen more and one sees blends such as cotton silk, georgette satin, chiffon satin to be used more.

* Soothing colours: Colours that are more soothing in nature and bring calmness to the mind, will be popular. Expect shades like blush, powder blue, soft pink, white, rose quartz and serenity blue to stand out in the racks.

* 3D embroidery: Get a 3D effect with fabrics, embossed look, and velvet and burnt out texture, crafted textures.

* Prints and patterns: Get yourself set to patchwork power and clashes of prints. One will see a lot of vintage arts being used in contemporary way. There will also be a lot of washes and treatments on fabrics such as stone wash and other chemical wash. Also, while floral prints dominated last year, psychadelic and geometric prints will be a welcome break complementing androgynous trends.

* Organic fashion: Every year the focus on organic fashion will be more and 2016 will surely be a year for it to be noticed. A lot of focus is already being made towards it.

* Trend in stoles: In 2016, from geometric patterns to bold florals and abstract ones — there is a lot to draw inspiration from. Tropical florals are perfect for 2016 and one of the colour trends that we are bound to see is an aquatic one. Aqua and turquoise will be popular along with salmon, pistachio and yellow colours.

Even in men’s fashion, there will be some remarkable trends as men have become more adventurous:

* Tuxedos is one classic menswear that will rule.

* Even donning drapes won’t be a surprise in 2016. A lot of men are already wearing cowl trousers, drop crotch trousers and this will be more in trend.

* A lot of influence of sportswear will be seen, especially with Olympics slated to be held this year. The crop-fitted jackets will surely make way in men’s wardrobe.

* Colours such as mauve, greyish pink, powder blue, royal blue and teal are the colours to watch out apart from the regulars like white, black, grey and blue.

* Accessories like pocket squares, ties, bows, belts, socks and shoes will be more in focus than ever before.

* Washed out denims will continue to be a man’s best friend.


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