Exploring the silence within music

Carnatic vocalist T M Krishna in conversation with author Ananya Vajpeyi
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New Delhi–Renowned Carnatic vocalist T M Krishna believes that every individual should learn music and explore the silence that it carries.

“The idea of silence has nothing to do with whether you are singing or not. It’s about the fact that we always need to be aware of intention, the intention to place yourself,” said Krishna.

The classical musician was in conversation with author and professor Ananya Vajpeyi on the subject of “Between the Song and Silence” at the Art Matters dialogue series organised by the Raza Foundation at the India International Center here on Tuesday.

The singer said that some of his most profound observations on silence, which is described as an “active idea” came during his collaborations with Perumal Murugan, the Tamil writer who fought and won his battle for free speech.

Carnatic vocalist T M Krishna in conversation with author Ananya Vajpeyi

“I was often surprised by the versatile and intriguing patterns of Murugan’s poetry and the politics of silence contained in them. Murugan writes so beautifully because he is quiet,” Krishna added.

As a musician, he also believes in empathy which he finds in Raga Kambhoji.

“Kambhoji is empathy; the most beautiful thing about an art experience is the idea of empathy. I interpret it as an ability to feel another person, environment or anything, without you have any stake in it. If I become a factor to that experience, I don’t feel empathy, I feel sympathy,” Krishna noted.

As a bonus to the session Krishna gave a rendition of his powerful and politically charged Chennai “Purampokk Song”, that also brought the intricacies of Carnatic ragas in a song for everyone. (IANS)


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