Enhance your look with the right sunglasses

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New Delhi– Make sure you choose sunglasses with protection from ultraviolet, and you determine the shape of your face before you step out to shop for them, says an expert.

Ganesh Iyer, Country Head at Coolwinks, an online portal for purchasing quality eyewear, rolled out a few tips for you to buy the right kind of sunglasses:

* The ultimate aim of using sunglasses is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light emitting from sun. Don’t let this reason sit on the backseat and make sure your sunglasses provide UV protection.

* The size of your frame is compatible to the size of your face. Your sunglass’ frame size should closely mirror the face size. Smaller frames work better with a smaller face and vice versa. Determine you face shape and then go for your sunglass shopping.

* Frame material plays a critical role in the comfort, usage and care for your sunglasses. Each frame material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. There are various material options available in the market from metal, nylon to plastic and titanium.

* Add more glam to your sunglasses by opting for very-much in-trend tinted sunglasses contributing to UV protection. A huge range of tinted lenses is available in market like green, gray, brown, yellow, gold, rose and blue.

* When buying eye wear, quality counts, and makes sure it is timeless. (IANS)


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