Eating disorder a quick fix for models: Elena Fernandes

Elena Fernandes
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By Durga Chakravarty

New Delhi– Supermodel Elena Fernandes says eating disorders for models, who are not-so-thin, naturally is a “quick fix”. She also says that there is lot of pressures in society to look in a certain way.

Asked if models do follow a very strict diet, starve or even turn bulimic for maintaining a super slender body, Fernandes told IANS over an E-mail interaction: “Sadly it is true. There is a lot of pressure in society in general to look in a certain way. Everyone’s body is different and a lot of models are naturally thin but for those who aren’t, the quick fix sadly is an eating disorder.”

Elena Fernandes

“Exercise is key in maintaining a healthy and fit body,” she added.

The model, who has shot for the Kingfisher calender in 2015, says it is important to be aware of what one is eating.

“Obviously you have to be more aware of what you are consuming, you can’t stuff your face with pizza everyday. It’s a key to find a balance,” she said.

Fernandes, who holds a degree in law, agrees that models don’t get recognised unless they become supermodels or get into acting, but adds that the fashion industry will know who the model is if she is a regular.

“It’s true in terms of public awareness. But the fashion industry will know who you are especially if you’re a regular. It takes a lot to get that supermodel recognition, it’s (not) just about editorial or ramp, it’s also about billboard campaigns and tv commercials to get that recognition. Bollywood is the holy grail, so as soon as you get your foot in the door, recognition follows,” she said.

Elena Fernandes

The model, who also made her debut in Bollywood in 2016 with “Kapoor & Sons”, agrees that modelling is a step closer to Bollywood.

“For me it was a natural transition in the sense that as a model you do tv commercials and your print work is like silent acting. In that sense, it (modelling) is a step closer to Bollywood,” she said.

However a lot of models don’t want to act, said Fernandes.

“They just want to model. I would say at times Bollywood steps on the feet of the fashion industry by taking covers away from models, but one must understand that it’s all about casting someone that will have a big reach and sell a product,” she added.

Asked what if she is planning to contribute more to Bollywood and less on the runway now, Fernandes said: “Why not do both? My focus is predominately on Bollywood but that’s not to say I’ve turned my back on the ramp. I’m planning for world take over.”

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