Do you monitor your daily drinking water consumption?

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New Delhi– Even though 70 per cent of the earth consists of water doesn’t mean that all 70 per cent will be safe for drinking. In India, where digital spaces are gaining momentum rapidly, more than 50 per cent of the domestic spaces still rely on boiling their water for drinking. Almost 70 per cent of your body is water and it is water that helps in flushing out the toxins through urination and perspiration etc. The water also helps in lubricating joints and protects sensitive tissues in our bodies. It is said that drinking eight glasses of water a day is ideal for overall health.

Water is very important to your body. In fact, without it, the majority of the functions like temperature control and breakdown of essential nutrients won’t take place. Drinking more water comes with remarkable advantages. Sadly, people tend to only consume water when they are thirsty, which clearly indicates that they only get the bare minimum of benefits.

So, if you follow a poor water intake, it’s recommended to start by properly tracking the amount. Most medical experts suggest consumption of 2-3 litres across the whole day. It’s best to break it down in terms of glasses and merely keep a track of your hydration levels.

Aditya Patnaik, CEO and Founder, of Lustral Water mentions are reasons stating the importance of monitoring your day-to-day drinking water consumption:

It facilitates upholding energy levels: You may be experiencing low energy levels, particularly in the summers. Constant dehydration can impact your brain even more. For instance, feeling exhausted and inactive. The most exceptional way to raise your energy levels is by drinking more water. Doing this can lend you that added burst of power and energy to go about your day.

Proper hydration helps stay focused: While you might not understand how tired you are; your brain gets to experience it primarily. After all, water is essential for your brain to send electrical signals to your cells. This implies when your brain is fatigued, your muscles will fail to move efficiently, your eyes get tired and your brain goes in a survival mode. Your brain fundamentally won’t have the energy to assign to anything other than running vital functions. So, you won’t be able to concentrate on the task at hand, even if you want to.

Hence to avoid this, it is best to get ready to track your water consumption by journaling, making use of a functional drink-water app or monitored by your water purifier.

It helps in lifting up your mood: Since being dehydrated can make you super cranky and irritated, you should perhaps down a glass of water. This will help you end up feeling better and restored.

Water enables weight loss: Along with a wholesome diet, water too can contribute to losing weight. Water, alongside being calorie and fat-free, can aid you in burning resting calories. It adds to the metabolic process by suppressing your appetite, thus preventing you from overeating.

It helps you uphold beautiful skin: It is important to note that our skin is full of water. Collagen, the protein that keeps your skin firm and elastic is very dependent on water. Hence an absence of water can make your skin appear dry and wrinkled. So, if you want to uphold a healthy skin help, you better get to drinking sufficient water.

Water is crucial for the proper functioning of our overall body, hence it’s not enough to drink water only when you feel thirsty. Instead, try to stick to the everyday prescribed amount and start by tracking your intake to make the most of the advantages. (IANS)


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