Do you have a clubhouse in your apartment building?


By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– On your quest of finding that perfect home, buyers not only study the apartment itself but also look out for those additional amenities that come along with it. One of the most popular features has always been the Clubhouse that many builders provide, especially in large townships or building complexes. The real estate players have understood the importance of focusing on clubhouses as this amenity can be a big temptation or draw for a potential buyer while finalising their purchase.

So, what is a clubhouse? What is its purpose? A clubhouse is basically a communal area in a housing society that is mainly used for club activities like gym, swimming pools, sports activities, kids zone, card room, library or reading room, gaming room, and the likes. Moreover, the event hall for birthdays, small parties, and other social functions is also there in the clubhouse. Depending on the type of housing society, some realtors also offer small theatres also as a part of the clubhouse.

Here is everything a homebuyer should know about the benefits of the clubhouse of a housing society, shared by Ankit Goel, director, Goel Ganga Developments:

Community living

Clubhouse in a housing society promotes community living. In the evening you will see most children gather there to play and interact. Additionally, the clubhouse provides an easy way to gather with other housing society members, which improves social connection.

Health benefits

It provides ample health benefits as most of them houses gym and sports facilities like table tennis, squash or basketball court. The Clubhouse is a great place to enjoy playing different sports which eventually results in health benefits in long run.

In-house: Safety & security; saves time and money

Since the clubhouse is located within the housing society, one does not need to go anywhere which saves your time and conveyance money as well. Moreover, from the safety and security point of view too, society clubhouse takes edge over clubs situated outside the building premises.

Highly economic for holding events

Clubhouses also provide a banquet hall kind of space as well for holding social events and parties like birthday parties or small gatherings. Since homebuyers need to make just a one-time payment for using the clubhouse amenities and may need to shell out a minimal amount for booking the hall for their events.


A clubhouse in a residential society comes with an array of benefits under one roof which not only ends up being advantageous for all the residents as it directly impacts their day-to-day lifestyle. Most builders nowadays opt for constructing the clubhouse at the start of the project as it helps them sell the flats faster along with helping them fetch a better value for their property. (IANS)


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