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Daabeli, a classic Mumbai junk food

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By Bhavana Motiwala

INDIA New England Columnist

SHARON, MA–Daabeli is a classic Mumbai junk food sold by and large on the streets. Originally a Kutchi dish leaves awesome taste in your mouth.


Paav- (Indian style burger bread) 4-6,  Potatoes (2 large), Sweet Tamarind/Dates Chutney(1/2 cup), Green(Cilantro) chutney(to taste), Garlic Chutney(to taste), Daabeli Masala(2-3 tsp of Everest or Badshah), Masala Peanuts(2 oz), Pomegranate(one large), Coriander leaves(1/2 bunch), and one large onion thinly diced.


Boil potatoes and mash them and mix Daabeli masala along with the sweet chutney evenly. Then saute this mix with 2 tbsp of oil and a pinch of asafoetida.

Prep for Serving:

Slice the burger buns if not already sliced. Roast/grill them for few mins with butter till slightly darker. Place one table spoon of the mix from above over the lower half of the bread, garnish it with chopped onions, masala peanuts, and chutneys. Decorate with cilantro and pomegranate. Serve it with the other slice on top and eat it like a burger.

Bhavana Motiwala (Photo: Paresh Motiwala)
Bhavana Motiwala (Photo: Paresh Motiwala)

To avoid carbs you can let go the top slice of the bread or serve it to somebody else.

Bhavana Motiwala is a house wife with a passion for cooking. She lives in Sharon, MA, with her two kids and husband, Paresh Motiwala. She also owns a business called “Circles of Growth” or www.circlesofgrowth.com where they run a successful Day Care and Children Development Programs like Public Speaking, Debating, Group Discussions, Event Planning.


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