Creating an extraordinary life by using the power of your mind

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New Delhi– The human brain, even neurologists and neuroscientists know that we have still not figured out the length and breadth of what is possible by this wondrous 3-pound organ. The brain is more powerful than any supercomputer that exists. If we as humans are gifted with a ‘brain’ that is infinitely powerful, how is it true that some people create extraordinary life outcomes whilst others stay in mediocrity, helplessness, depression, fear, and a host of other mental and physical challenges?

Here’s Harini Ramachandran, the Co-Founder of Antano & Harini, sharing secrets, which have helped thousands of driven individuals dramatically enhance their brain functioning. As a direct result of this, individuals have been able to accelerate their success, break out of the shackles of; no time or no money, launch a legacy, or create a BIG Impact in the world!

But first! Let’s understand, What impacts brain functioning?

Harini: What physically changes the brain in an un-useful way, is when people get used to less than optimal states of mind; inadequate or suboptimal responses to ongoing life situations and challenges, poor emotional mastery or attitude, and lack of emotional choices may lead to havoc.

One may want to believe that “it’s okay to not be okay!” but emotional states of depression, anxiety, stress, etc. have a long-term, degenerative impact on the brain. Medical journals are replete with evidence revealing the degenerative and impaired functioning of the hippocampus and the Prefrontal Cortex for people with prolonged or pathological anxiety and chronic stress. Medical evidence also reveals that parts of the brain physically shrink in people with depression. Yes, physically. These parts lose Gray Matter Volume (GMV), which is the brain’s tissue and that’s a bad place to be!

However, if un-resourceful states of depression, anxiety, or stress can cause permanent changes to the brain, we wondered, is the reverse also true? What if we can naturally get people to experience joy, exhilaration, drive, a deep sense of purpose, and fulfillment? And how would that reflect, not only their brain imaging but also as outcomes in their life?

The Secret: Innate Superior Capabilities, For Life!

Harini: The secret is not in knowing that the emotions we go through on an everyday basis have a physical impact on the brain and its functioning. But in the fact, that it is only the beginning of our exploration. More often than not, happiness is seen as an outcome or a destination. People may be tempted to think that once they have a bigger house, a bigger car, or a better career, they will be happy. And sure, the outcomes in life are a great motivator. However, if one is lacking the innate capability to be happy, regardless of the external environment, they will invariably find themselves grappling with self-sabotaging thoughts or stress, and anxiety.

On the contrary, when we help people develop innate capabilities, their worldview shifts radically! These capabilities include happiness, on-demand control of their emotional states, filter installations to detect and reject any un-resourceful influence from their environment, and the ability to disassociate, amongst others. Instead of fitting a template, individuals must discern and go after the capabilities they need to develop freedom of choice and take their unique impact to the masses. Excellence Installations is one such technology that comprises cutting-edge R&D, and a framework for rapid capability installations that enrich brain functioning and help in designing personal evolution unique for each individual.

With innate capabilities, our research reveals, people have developed new and autonomous responses in all situations where they previously felt stuck or less than optimal. They are embraced with new and empowering thoughts, discover leverage, break free from limiting patterns and find their way to blissfully integrated life outcomes.

Integrated Life Outcomes: All together. Simultaneously!

Harini: The easiest and surest way to expand brain functioning is to remove all the silos or limitations that we may have accepted! Haven’t we heard people say “I am more logical” or “I am right-brained, i.e. more creative and less organised”? That’s such a limiting thought, isn’t it?

While different parts of the brain may be responsible for different functions, the true power comes when we truly integrate all of the brain’s capacity!

The geniuses in the world have been able to do it naturally! Take, for instance, Einstein, a world-renowned and highly logical scientist who arrived at his theory of relativity by imagining chasing after light beams! Picasso could create a legacy with his creative pursuits because, in addition to art, he understood the business of art, which is a highly logical process!

In essence, whether it is to accelerate your success, launch your legacy, create a big impact or simply expand your brain functioning, get yourself out of the silos and commit to achieving mastery in any skill that feels out of your current strengths. Because you evolve the fastest by not only focusing on your strengths but also by developing neighboring capabilities that will complete your rarity and launch a legacy! (IANS)



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