When to consult marriage counselor?

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New Delhi– Are you finding yourself having less discussions with your partner or thinking of an extra-marital relationship? If so, it’s time to consult a marriage counsellor, suggests an expert.

Anil Sethi, a relationship counsellor and motivational speaker, has shared possibilities when you should seek a professional’s help in your marriage.

* One of the most important indicators is communication between partners. Communication can be negative, stressful and disrespectful also. If there are no discussions between partners other than children, then that also means professional help is required.

* If partners are getting attracted to others or thinking of extra-marital relations, that is a clear sign that they are no longer interested in each other.

* They have differences, but don’t know how to fix it.

* When there are regular arguments and disagreements about issues.

* When partners are unable to adjust or respect each others’ families.

* Women often dream of a fairy tale marriage and men also have some expectations. But when both or one of the partners find it different, that reduces their attachment to each other.

* Different opinions about parenting also can lead to differences among couples.

* It is found that good friends become good couples. Whenever you feel weak as a partner, friendship helps and you can discuss it. When this kind of a relationship starts missing, gap increases. An early intervention of experts can save the marriage.

* One of the basic requirements of any relationship is mutual respect and when respect for each other reduces, that can be sorted out with the help of a professional counsellor.

* When partners start keeping secrets with each other and you get to know about it, but don’t know how to ask.

* You start going to bed angry and that results in no sex. (IANS)


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