Cocktail Recipes To Get You Into The Festive Spirit

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New Delhi– After spending the previous holiday season at home, this year’s season is even more special. As you prepare for the festivities, keep in mind a tasty drink to raise a toast with your loved ones is essential.

Asmani Subramanian and Shantanu Sengupta, Diageo India Brand Ambassadors, have developed a list of delightful cocktail recipes that will put you in the holiday spirit and impress all your guests.

Singleton Brew


Singleton of Glendullan: 60 ml

Espresso shot: 10 ml

Chilled tonic

Orange slice: For garnish


Take a rock glass filled with cube ice

Add Singleton and Espresso shot

Top with chilled tonic and stir gently

Garnish with orange slice



Gordons 60 ml

Rose Syrup/Rooh Afza: 20 ml

Lime Juice: 20 ml

Edible flower/Fresh Rose Petals: For garnish



Fill shaker with ice cubes

Add all ingredients and shake well

Strain in anold fashion glassand garnish with flower

The festive punch


Talisker 10 YO:750 ml

Clear apple Juice: 1500 ml

Darjeeling TeaChilled: 400 ml

Lime Juice: 100ml

Honey: 60 ml

Spices/ Orange Wedges: For garnish


Fill a large punch bowl with ice cubes

Add all the ingredients and mix Well

Using a ladle to pour

Masala chai martini


Baileys: 60 ml

Chilled Masala Chai: 30 ml

Kesar Badam Milk: 30 ml


Add all the ingredients in a shaker filled with Ice Cubes

Shake week and strain into martini Glass

Garnish with Star Anise and Serve

Johnnie Black Fashionable


Johnnie Walker Black Label: 45 ml

Sugar Syrup: 10 ml

Orange Juice: 30 ml

Bitters: 1 (Optional)

Orange Wheel: For Garnish


Fill up the old-fashionedglass with ice

Add all ingredients and stir gently

Garnish with an orange wheel

Johnnie Red Mint Soda


Johnnie Walker Red Label: 45 ml

Mint Leaves : 5-6

Lemon: 1

Soda : 150 ml

Ice : 3-4 Cubes


Muddle few mints leaves & lemon chunks in a shaker

Add Johnnie Walker Red Label and shake with ice

Strain into ice-filled tall glass and top up with soda

Garnish with mint sprig

Buchanan’s Ginger Highball


Black & White Scotch: 45 ml

Lime Juice: 10 ml

Bitter: 1 (Optional)

Ginger Ale: 150 ml


Fill up a tall glass with ice

Add Black & White, lime juice and dash of bitters

Top up with Ginger Ale

Black Reserve Coffee Apple Fizz


Black Dog: 45 ml

Black Coffee Liquor: 30 ml

Cinnamon Syrup: 10 ml

Apple Juice: 60 ml

Soda: 50 ml

Apple fan & Black Olives: For Garnish


Fill up a tall glass with ice

Add all ingredients and stir well

Top up with soda

Garnish with an apple fan and 2-3 black olives

Smirnoff Citrus Tonic


Smirnoff: 45 ml

Lime juice: 15 ml

Tonic Water: 120 ml

Citrus wheel: For garnish


Fill up a tall glass with ice

Add all ingredients and stir gently

Garnish with citrus fruit wheels

Celebration Fushion


McDowell’s No.1 Celebration Rum: 240 ml

Basil leaves: 12

Vanilla syrup: 25 ml

Sugar syrup: 25 ml

Apple juice: 200 ml



Start with a pitcher full of ice and add all ingredients (except soda)

Stir it together and top up the aromatic blend with soda

Pour a drink as served in a frosty highball glass

With Christmas just around the corner, there will be plenty of parties and get-togethers with friends and family. Comforting cocktails help you enjoy the celebrations and get into the festive spirit. (IANS)


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