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BOSTON–Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz, the Canadian Bhangra team which made their international debut four years ago, won the first place in Boston Bhangra Competition last week. Eleven Bhangra teams from all across North America participated in the competition.

Apna Bhangra Crew of Seattile, WA, won the second place. The third place went to BU Bhangra of Boston University. The competition, which was attended by approximately 2,000 people, was held on Nov. 17 at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston and was organized by Boston Bhangra, Inc., which has been organizing this competition for the last 15 years.

“The competition level was very diverse and extremely competitive with teams from all over North America,” organizers said in a statement. “Teams hailed from Toronto Canada, Washington State, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Texas, California, Virginia, and Boston.

Below is a brief description of the winning teams:

1st Place: Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz

Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz made their international debut 4 years ago when they were just 8 – 12 years old. Their goal has always been to spread their Punjabi roots, culture and to continue growing our virsa. After all these years they remain intact with their roots and are ready to rock in Boston!

2nd Place: Apna Bhangra Crew

2nd Place: Apna Bhangra Crew

Founded in 2006, a group of close friends started Apna Bhangra Crew, and sought to show their love and passion for bhangra around the Seattle area. ABC brings twelve dancers to the stage, to showcase their talent and love for bhangra. As a team, ABC brings a new flavor of Bhangra with the same folk elements that enhance the dance form. After competing successfully around North America for over a decade, ABC has focused on giving back to the community by opening up ABC Dance Center in the greater Seattle area. ABCDC now consists of over 250 dancers of all ages! ABC is excited to be visiting the east coast for the very first time, and will keep the same entertaining and energetic style that made them a household name. Watch out Boston, ABC promises to leave you smiling and yearning for more!

3rd Place: BU Bhangra

BU Bhangra, established in 1999, is a competitive, co-ed bhangra team proud to represent Boston University. Having performed at cultural events and arts showcases across the country, BU Bhangra is an acclaimed team that has received accolades locally and nationally.

3rd Place: BU Bhangra

The over three-hour event featured special performances from Bhangra superstar, G Sidhu, who has huge hit songs like Candlelight, Sat Sri Akaal, Credit Card and Hip Hop!

One World Cuisine was the food vendor of choice and sold snacks, dinner and drinks at the venue. Some of major sponsors included E3UK, One World Cuisine, and PTC Punjabi.  The show will have a 1 hour special airing on PTC worldwide within the next several weeks.

“It’s always great to keep expanding year after year. This year we had PTC Punjabi help support us nationally and globally to help expand the reach of Bhangra and all of the things we’re doing.  We also had more than 30 percent non-South Asians attend as we continue to attract a more diverse audience each year,” said Rohit Bhambi, co-founder of Boston Bhangra. “It’s a true pleasure to see how many people attend this event and that we’re at the center of all of it.”

Boston Bhangra is a nonprofit organization that promotes cultural awareness and mentorship of children.

A scene from the competition.


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