Boston Children’s Museum Launches the “Live from the Living Room Challenge”: Share Best Joke, Funny Story, or Harmless Prank

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Boston  Boston Children’s Museum has launched a fun new online activity for kids called the “Live from the Living Room Challenge.”

Kids from around the world are invited to share a 1 minute video of their best joke, a funny story, or a harmless prank. Maybe it could be teaching your pet a trick, or maybe you can win a staring contest with your friend or parent. The goal is to make someone laugh and give kids an opportunity to strengthen their creative instincts.

The Museum will promote the campaign on its social media, web channels, and through select partners. Kids are asked to share their video on social media with the tag #LiveFromTheLivingRoomChallenge.

“Kids are inherently creative, and sometimes just need a challenge to tap into it. Now is a great time to be positive and lift people’s spirits while also activating kids’ creative instincts,” said Peter Broderick, Vice President at the Museum.

The challenge will last through June 30, and the Museum will award $25 Amazon gift cards to the ten best submissions.

The challenge is among the many online play and learning activities the Museum is making available on its website



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