Books This Weekend: Of Ayurveda, modern relationships and female bonding

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New Delhi– Learn how to combine Ayurveda’s age-old traditions with modern concepts of wellness, flick through the story of a young couple that pretty much reflects most modern-day relationships, and read a tale that revolves around friendship and love between mothers and daughters.

IANS bookshelf offers some nice reads for this weekend.

1. Book: Urban Ayurveda; Author: Tanya Malhotra; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 108; Price: Rs 195
Life in the urban jungle has taken us away from nature, with no time left for ourselves. An emphasis purely on survival is making us miserable. It is now time to reconnect with our Vedic roots and focus on enjoying uninterrupted physical and mental happiness with lasting contentment.

“Urban Ayurveda” is a comprehensive guide to understanding the science of life. It reveals the wisdom of applied Ayurveda in the urban paradigm — simple, practical and sustainable ideas for creating a balanced life. It allows you to combine Ayurveda’s age-old traditions with modern concepts of wellness.

A crisp account from Ayurveda physician Tanya Malhotra, offers personal anecdotes, patient case studies, cooking techniques and recipes for the urban kitchen. From seasonal Ayurveda to Ayurveda for students and working professionals, this book is your ultimate guide to a glorious life.

2. Book: Somewhere to Go; Author: Shambhavi; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 199; Price: Rs 195
They were the perfect couple, Aysher and Risha. Both had coveted jobs in the media. Aysher was a dynamic TV news reporter and Risha was a news anchor. Both were young achievers in their own right.

Theirs was the most envious of all relationships. Until Aysher was struck by the existentialist question — What am I doing here?

From here the story of this young, successful urban couple takes an extraordinary turn. Aysher goes into self-discovery mode and on a journey which takes him to unknown places. Will Aysher and Risha be united once again? Will their relationship be the same again? Or is Risha in for a surprise of her life?

“Somewhere to Go” is the journey of every modern relationship.

3. Book: Girls Don’t Cry; Author: Gajra Kottary; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 268; Price: Rs 399
Young advertising professional Amala walks the tightrope between her big-city dreams and small-town roots. Having just broken up with her possessive live-in Mumbaikar boyfriend, Amala returns to Jalandhar in time for her grandfather’s funeral. Back home, she is barely on talking terms with her mother Disha, who divorced her father and started dating another man.

Amala gets to spend time with her grandmother though. Veera naanji speaks to her of their collective past, uncovering knotty family secrets habitually swept under the carpet. Through conversations with her grandmother, she finds out that the much-revered men in her family were not as admirable as they had seemed.

“Girls Don’t Cry” parses the lives of three generations of women in a middle-class family and the choices that they make as they navigate a man’s world. A profound reflection on friendship and love between mothers and daughters, and on what it takes to face truths that can break you forever. (IANS)


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