Books This Weekend: Tales of gods, monsters, the supernatural and an exploration of India

The Tantric Curse
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NEW DELHI– Embark on a journey that depicts the war between humans and the god of death and another into the supernatural world of tantra. Then, there’s a therapist seeking the truth behind her husband’s death and ending up discovering the terrifying reality of India. And finally, the turning of four boys into men of honour at the National Defence Academy. There’s much the IANS bookshelf has for you this weekend. Happy reading!

1. Book: A Space of Odyssey Author: Yashvardhan Shukla; Publisher: The Readers Paradise; Pages: 314; Price: Rs.250

Two years after his first book, “The Gods of Antarctica,” 15-year-old Yashvardhan Shukla has come up with its sequel.

Here, the protagonist, David Blues, is leading a normal life with his family in London, while Takhatus, the god of death, has been revived back to life and is desperate to put an end to David and all the gods of Antarctica.

What follows is David’s battle against Takhatus. Will he be able to win the battle or face death? Read on!

The Tantric Curse
The Tantric Curse

2. Book: The Tantric Curse; Author: Anupama Garg; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 271; Price: Rs.295

Anupama Garg’s book takes the readers into the supernatural world of tantra.

The book revolves round eight-year-old Rhea, who mysteriously lands up at a tantric house of worship in a trance. The tantric guru realises her supernatural powers and chooses her as a disciple of his son Krishnam. Eventually Rhea falls in love with Krishnam.

Garg’s gripping novel explores not only Rhea’s life but also aims to dispel most of the myths about tantric practices.

3. Book: Invisible Threads; Author: Lucy Beresford; Publisher: FingerPrint; Pages: 246; Price: Rs.299

Learning that her husband Mike died in India and not in Afghanistan, Sara, a therapist by profession, arrives in Delhi to uncover the truth.

What follows is Sara’s exploration of India – its culture, people, traditions, opportunities, treatment of women, the practice of ‘Devadasi’, her growing closeness towards her patient Prithi and a low-caste driver Hemant.

Beresford’s book unfolds the tale of Sara’s thrust into the terrifying reality of Indian society which she discovers in search of truth.

4. Book: Boots Belts Berets; Author: Tanushree Podder; Publisher: Lotus Roli; Pages: 164; Price: Rs.99

Tanushree Podder’s book captures the roller coaster ride of her four protagonists – Pess, Bertie, Randy and Maachh – when they are thrust into the world of Pune’s National Defence Academy (NDA), a journey of boys becoming men of honour.

Despite facing tough challenges, endless putty parades, rugged training and severe ragging, their spirits are not pulled down. Weaving yarns about their imaginary girlfriends, bragging about their escapades and sexual exploits, they turn into tough soldiers.



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