reveals the five emerging trip types that motivate and inspire travellers

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New Delhi– With the upcoming festive season, we remain enthusiastic about travel and are looking forward to making the most of their upcoming holidays. Travellers are now exploring new ways of experiencing destinations which have also given rise to different types of trips, they are most likely to take. After having extended time apart from family and friends, new research by, reveals the five emerging trip types that motivate and inspire travellers:

Make waves at a beach destination

After being cooped up at home over many months, beaches have become the perfect getaway as travel opens up again. Travellers are looking forward to soaking in the sun and enjoying the sea this festive season. In fact, 33 percent of Indian travellers want to plan a relaxing trip to a beach destination to get away from it all. If you are on the lookout for beaches that are off the beaten path to catch a wave, Malvan, Ganpatiphule, Digha, Udupi, and Kannur are among the top 5 beach destinations endorsed by travellers.

Find zen atop the mountains

The never-ending question of one’s preference for beaches or mountains is here to stay. Compared to beach destinations, an almost similar number of Indian travellers (32 percent) have revealed their preference of travelling to the mountains, showing travellers’ desire to be able to escape reality even for just a few days. The quest to explore and experience the mountains and their mesmerizing views will prevail this festive season. Travellers looking for a mountain getaway can plan a trip to Gangtok, Katra, Panchgani, Chikmagalur, or Kalpetta which are the top endorsed, lesser-known mountain destinations.

An uphill getaway

Often the best way to see a destination is on foot, interacting with locals and reaching remote vantage points for far-reaching views. The platform’s research shows that 28 percent of Indian travellers are looking to celebrate this festive season by hiking up long trails and working up a sweat. If you are looking for an uphill climb, Kasol, Manali, Munnar, Rishikesh, and Mcleod Ganj are the top endorsed hiking destinations. Get in tune with nature and disconnect from the world for a while by exploring these family-friendly hiking destinations.

Take a walk on the wild side

As tourism opens up, travellers want to indulge in newer experiences while travelling. Going on a safari holiday is the fourth emerging trip type this festive season with 27 percent of Indian travellers wanting to experience our incredible wildlife up close. Whether it’s spotting tigers in Ranthambore or watching the wild elephants in Periyar, delving into the untamed and enjoying the astounding world of animals and birds in their natural habitat are memorable experiences travellers are looking forward to during the upcoming holiday season.

Exploring the unexplored – Terra Incognita

The excessive time spent at home during lockdown has made us realize the impact our actions have on the environment. The pandemic is not only changing our travel behaviour but also influencing our choice of destinations. 27 percent of Indians wish to take a trip to unexplored destinations this festive season. Some of the unexplored destinations like Kotagiri (Tamil Nadu), Jibhi (Himachal Pradesh), Munsyari (Uttarakhand), Coonoor (Tamil Nadu) and Rudraprayag (Uttarakhand) not only offer novel experiences and untouched natural beauty but also a chance to soak up the magic before everyone else catches on. (IANS)



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