Book on PNB scam accused Nirav Modi to be made into web series

Nirav Modi
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Mumbai– Production banner Abundantia Entertainment have acquired the rights of journalist, Pavan C. Lall’s book based on scam-accused Nirav Modi titled ‘Flawed: The Rise and Fall of India’s Diamond Mogul Nirav Modi’ will be adapted into a dramatised, multi-season series for streaming.

Scripting is presently underway. The book, “Flawed: The Rise and Fall of India’s Diamond Mogul Nirav Modi” depicts the story of high-profile tycoon Nirav Modi, one of the biggest diamond merchants in India.

It is based on personal encounters, interviews, and research conducted by the author, investigative journalist, Pavan C. Lall, who will also serve as a consultant writer for the series adaptation.

Author Pavan C. Lall said: “It is an extremely exciting opportunity, and I am thrilled to be a part of this book-to-screen adaptation journey.”

The book narrates detailed and fascinating aspects of Nirav Modi’s rise to power and his subsequent fall, unravelling the persona of the man behind one of the biggest financial scandals in India that amounted to around Rs 13,500 crore-worth of illegal transaction leaving the PNB account holders at severe dismay.

Lall added: “Capturing the sensibility of a book in a cinematic way is not a simple task but I have full faith in Abundantia Entertainment and believe that they will do complete justice to this endeavour and give ‘Flawed’ the appropriate visual mounting.”

The author also shared that the book is his effort to bring to the audience “the tale of a larger-than-life entrepreneur — his spectacular rise and equally dramatic fall which brought an entire industry to its knees”. (IANS)



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