Biden makes first in-person appearance after Covid-19 isolation

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Washington– US President Joe Biden made the first in-person appearance at the White House after testing negative for Covid-19.

“My symptoms were mild, my recovery was quick and I’m feeling great,” Biden said on Wednesday in remarks from the Rose Garden.

He told a crowd that Covid-19 “isn’t gone” in the US but serious illness can be avoided with vaccines and treatments, Xinhua news agency reported.

The President tested negative for the coronavirus on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, according to a memo from White House physician Kevin O’Connor.

O’Connor added that Biden, 79, will discontinue isolation measures but will wear a mask for 10 more days while increasing testing cadence.

Fully vaccinated and twice boosted, the President took Paxlovid, an antiviral therapy produced by Pfizer and given to patients with Covid-19, after testing positive last week. (IANS)



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