Arshi Khan opens up about her own fight against body shaming

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Mumbai– ‘Bigg Boss’ actress Arshi Khan opens up on experiencing body shaming.

She says: “I feel body shaming is one of the most serious forms of bullying, harassment and humiliation and usually experienced by we womens. I’m tired of experiencing it. People actually keep commenting about my back and its size like really it creates so much discomfort.

“At times casting directors say they look good only in foreign not in Indian cinema. I really don’t understand how to react. And once another casting guy told me to join the actresses who flaunt their body in front of paps, as there is no work which is very depressing. I want to work here and earn a living.”

The actress known for featuring in television shows such as ‘ Savitri Devi College & Hospital ‘and ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’ also revealed she is strong enough to console herself.

She adds: “I’m a self lover. I love myself and I’m blessed with my look. I enjoy being more outspoken about my struggles, about my stories and in one of those moments, I realise how important it is to actually let it out. How significant it is to talk about what kills you from inside every day. Nobody wants to go to bed crying and wake up with a feeling of not being enough and it’s unimaginable as to how many people experience that each day.”

“I feel like ‘Who are these people?’, ‘Why do we care about what they say?’ and most importantly ‘Why are we detesting ourselves because someone else is not comfortable?’ I believe with my hard work and dedication I will win and achieve my goals,” she shares. (IANS)



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