Ananya Panday Talks Pet-Nutrition Awareness

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New Delhi– A proud dog-mum of two adorable four-legged kids actress Ananya Panday is very mindful of their nutrition.

Pet food brands Drools announced the actress as its brand ambassador to amplify its vision about pet nutrition. Encouraging canine and feline care in India, the brand has been working diligently to create a healthier space for pets to flourish in and continues to manufacture wholesome dietary packs to make a difference.

Ananya, expressing her thoughts about the brand and its vision said, “Dogs have proven to be our best friends time and again; getting unconditional from my fur children, Astro and Fudge (Golden Retriever and Yorkshire Terrier respectively), has defined boundless affection for me too. Thus, it is only justified for me to be protective of them, their growth, and their nutrition. I understand the part a dietary regime plays in pets’ life and this is one of the reasons I am proud to collaborate with Drools and represent the label across India to create awareness about pet nutrition.”

Dr Shashank Sinha, National Sales Director, Drools said, “Drools has always taken pride in promoting healthier living and food habits for pets with its extensive range of products that support skin and coat health, strengthen the immune and digestive system and overall well-being. We are thrilled to be associating with Ananya Panday, a Bollywood star, a role model and most importantly a pet parent herself. As a celebrity youth icon, we think she’s perfect for promoting our vision and garnering the attention of new-gen pet lovers. Envisioned to be embraced by the love of our patrons, we look forward to this allegiance.”

The collaboration of Drool and Ananya Panday will focus on initiating a dialogue around the same and stir the emotion of endearment for fur kids amongst the people of India. (IANS)



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