All America Tulu Association Launched to Promote Tulu Language, Heritage and Culture

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By Dr. Guru Prasad

BOSTON—On the auspicious first day of Tulu New Year on April 14, the people of the United States, tracing their cultural roots to Tulunadu and Tulu language heritage of ancient India, came together to form the All America Tulu Association (AATA), also known as Akhila Americoda Tuluvere Angana.

AATA desires to outreach the Tulu language heritage and culture to their next generations and groom a heritage pride identity. Constrained by the covid protocols, prominent members of the community came together on social media online mode to get connected in the celebrations and be a partnered witness of this event.

In order to drive the objective of AATA, the leaders of the various Tulu organizations across the United States elected following office bearers for the first two-year term of 2021-2023. The Executive Committee consists of Bhaskar Sherigar from Boston as Foundingr President, Shirish Shetty from Atlanta as Vice President, Prakash Udupa from Austin as General Secretary, Puja Shetty from Boston as Joint Secretary, Subhas Shetty from California as Treasurer and Fredrick Fernandes from Boston as Joint Treasurer.

The Board of Directors includes Dr. Shridhar Alva from California as Chairperson and directors Ajit Bhaskar Shetty from New York, Dr. K.P. Mohanchandra from Las Angeles, Prashant Kumar from Michigan, Prithi Shetty from Minneapolis, Dr. Ratnakar Sherigar from Virginia, Shrivathsa Ballal from Philadelphia, Dr. Sudhakara Rao from Boston, Umesh Asaigoli from North Carolina. An Advisory Council consisting of prominent community leaders Dr. Bheem Bhat from Philadelphia, Dr. Guru Prasad from Florida, Sreesha Jayaseetharam from Chicago, Srivatsa Joshi from Virginia and Sudhir Prabhu from Boston also formed.

In order to coordinate the activities across the United States and Canada, following AATA Ambassadors for different regions have been selected. Anita Naik from San Francisco Bay area, Avil D’souza from North Carolina area, Kumar Shetty from Georgia area, Pavitra Shetty from Washington area, Prajwal Shetty from Michigan Area, Prasanna Lakshman from New England area, Ritesh Shetty from Minnesota area, Shreevalli Rai from Florida area, Siddhartha Shetty from Texas area and Umashankar Kadambar from Missouri area.

A powerful vision requires imagination, if there is a thought, it can become a thing. It is the vision and imagination of Bhaskar Sherigar which inspired the entire team and pledged to join hands to bring all the people of Tulunad origin under one big family of AATA to share, exchange ideas, network, socialize and help each other. AATA also plans to organize various events and programs to preserve and spread tulu language and culture in American Continent for the generations to come.


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