Aditi Taylor: Commanding Six Languages, a Versatile Leader, Problem Solver, Actor and Team Builder

Aditi Taylor
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WALTHAM, MA- Aditi Taylor is a Principal with Deloitte’s Advisory practice. For almost two decades, she has been driving large-scale global transformation projects for her clients. She has been recognized as inclusive leader to watch for and has been inducted into the 2009 Boston Business Journal’s “40 under 40” and 2015 Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s “Ten Outstanding Young Leaders” class.

At Deloitte’s New England practice, Taylor also served as the leader of Diversity and Inclusion. To that end, she helped develop many programs that champion an inclusion mindset viewing each individual representing a complex, interconnected variety of traits; and each encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. She also launched early intervention programs in colleges, prepping juniors from inner cities and diverse backgrounds with interview and presentation skills early so that by the time they were seniors they were better prepared to compete for jobs.

Taylor is also an ardent follower and performer of theater. Since the early age of 4, she has been performing on stage. A multi-lingual artist (she speaks over 6 languages), she has directed and acted in several theater productions in many languages, often times including up to 70 performers of all ages. A few notable performances include ‘Utsav Dindi’, ‘Durga Zali Gauri’, ‘Khara Sangaycha Tar’ (all in Marathi), ‘Tartuffe’ (French), ‘Sach Aur Sach Ke Siwa (Hindi)’, ‘Ramayan – by SETU’ and ‘Kamala – by SETU’ (English).

Aditi Taylor

She is former President of New England Marathi Mandal (NEMM) and the Co-Convenor of the BMM Convention 2013, which drew a diverse audience of over 3000 from all of North America and several countries of the world. Under her leadership, NEMM launched ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’ – a singing competition in Marathi, which was then the first-ever in New England. Subsequently, as the Co-Convenor of the BMM Convention, she was pivotal in taking ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’ to a North America wide level – again, a first-ever at that level. She has also served as the Director of India Association of Greater Boston for over 6 years; she recently re-joined after a break of few years. Over the years, she led various innovative events for the organization. She recently conceptualized and spearheaded the 2017 Republic Day Mela, which showcased 10 different mini-competitions under one roof, ranging from chess to art to science to poetry-writing for all ages. She also led the vision and direction of the first-ever New England wide Antakshari competition that received phenomenal participation from several teams across the state.

INDIA New England News: Please tell our readers about your work and what you enjoy most about it?

Aditi Taylor: I have enjoyed the ability to go into different companies, observe how they operate and help them solve complex challenges. Sometimes you receive a call from a client years after an engagement stating how grateful they are for the framework you helped build – it just feels incredibly rewarding!

INE: To which charitable, community and professional group do you belong and why?

AT: As noted above, I have belonged to several and have served to develop several innovative programs for the community. I view myself as a ‘servant leader’ and work at the grass-roots level. My ultimate goal has been to build a sense of community in the various groups that I worked with and I often leveraged the performing arts for doing so. I truly believe that life is theater; every day is like performing a live show on stage, you get one shot at today, tomorrow is a different story!

INE: What are your hobbies and interests?

AT: Needless to say, I love theater and dance. I am also voracious reader. My parents loved traveling and instilled that love in us at an early age; I am glad that my husband also shares that love. Over the years, we have had the good fortune to traverse many lands and learn from different cultures.

INE: In what way you feel you have most positively influenced or served the local community and your company/organization and professional field?

AT:  Whether it has been my profession or otherwise, I think my most positive influence has been building a sense of commitment and belongingness. I believe leadership is a blend of courage and humility. It is the courage to stand up and have a vision, but at the same time maintaining the humility to recognize that it takes the efforts of several to achieve that vision. The best leader is one who influences followership, not due to power or coercion, but simply due to their demonstrable passion, commitment and character.

INE: Your rare talent?

AT:  A strong memory. People who know me call me ‘ekpathi’ – that means, usually if I read something once, I tend to remember it. I guess it can be a blessing and a curse, but it has surely served me well over the years!

INE: Your favorite books?

AT: “Pride and Prejudice” by Austen and “Tujhe Aahe Tujpashi” by P.L. Deshpande (Marathi)

INE: Your favorite quotes?

AT: “Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs.

“The busiest man finds the most time” – Chinese Wisdom. Time management is an art. There is never time for anything, you have to make it!

INE: Who inspires you the most?

AT: Two people. First is my mom, who gave me life. I have seen her work tirelessly for us growing up, and for our families and children. Every ounce of ambition in me and desire to do better comes from her. I have never heard my mom say, ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I don’t have time’, she’s always there!

Second is my husband who gave meaning to my life. He has always been the wind beneath my wings; my greatest comfort, my strongest motivation, my place of reason and peace.

INE: The one person you would like to meet and why?

AT: My curious mind wishes for so many, I don’t know if I can come up with a single name.

INE: Your core values that you try to live by?

AT: Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other (quote by JFK); never be complacent, never stop learning. And if you put your mind to something, pour into it your blood, sweat, heart, soul and then some, because if you aren’t going to go all the way, why bother going at all?


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