Aarambh about gender inequality, says Tanuja on first TV show

Actress Tanuja during her peak in Bollywood)
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Mumbai–Veteran actress Tanuja, who will make her small screen debut at the age of 73 with “Aarambh”, says the upcoming historical show is about “gender inequality” and showcases how Indian society became patriarchal over the period of time.

“‘Aarambh’ is a different show as its story is unique. The basic topic that this show highlights is the matriarchal society during Dravidian clans. During that time, the ruler was the queen and everybody used to obey to her decisions,” Tanuja said on the set of the show here on Monday.

“Men basically were the protectors and in the army. Women were also in the army, but they were the leaders. Today men are given more importance in the society, which should be balanced. This show tells how and why a matriarchal society became a patriarchal one.

Actress Tanuja during her peak in Bollywood)

“Today we get to hear a lot that women are being raped and not being treated well – why this is happening? Can’t our men save us? This show is basically about gender inequality. We have given a historical and cultural sense to it,” she added.

Written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad of “Baahubali” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” fame, “Aarambh” will narrate the clash of the Dravidians and Aryans civilisations — born and built out of two different existential needs.

Tanuja, mother of actresses Kajol and Tanishaa, will be seen as a clairvoyant in the show.

“I am playing the role of Hahuma. This role is distinctive in many ways. She is basically clairvoyant, who can see the future. She can’t predict future, she can just give suggestions,” Tanuja said.

Popular southern actress Radha’s daughter Karthika Nair will be seen as Devsena — a warrior, born in matriarchal society who will be heading the Dravidian clan to defend it from the ambush of the Aryans.

Actor Rajniesh Duggall, meanwhile, will be seen as a warrior from the Aryan clan, named Varundev.

The makers of the show on Monday introduced Karthika, Tanuja, Joy Sen Gupta and Hannssa Singh, who will be a part of Dravidian clan.

Filmmaker Goldie Behl, who is directing the show, told IANS: “Vijender Prasad conceived this show. He did research and interactions on various topics. Once he narrated the story to me, then I thought it’s a great concept and that’s how we decided to make a series on it.”

The Star Plus show will be a finite series of 65 episodes. (IANS)



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