A Course on Sustainability

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New Delhi– Sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it involves a wide range of intricacies and processes. A fast changing world and ideals require the fashion industry to reconsider its methods and actions throughout the garment development process, which can be intimidating given the sector’s very complicated operations.

The Designer’s Class is aware of these complexities and the need to provide learners and industry insiders with sustainable design education.

A masterclass, led by designers Jayanti Reddy and AteevAnand of label Re-, will guide students through the process of developing sustainable brands and processes. Jayanti and Ateev have established their individual brands on some of the key values of sustainability, from recycling discarded fabrics to adding plant dyes.

“One of the things we put into our work is sustainable procedures such as vegetable dye prints, which are made without the use of chemicals. The expenses and time-consuming, arduous processes, as well as conveying this to clients, are the hurdles! We don’t believe in wasting anything, therefore we put swatches and leftover fabrics to good use by reusing them.” I’m delighted to teach the students of The Designers’ Class these procedures, both the difficult and the simple ones.

Ateev has devoted his life to learning about and implementing circular textile consumption techniques. In 2019, he launched re- as an ongoing investigation on the respectful recycling of textiles. Re- is a mindful clothing brand and a catalyst. He has been involved in design education for over a decade in addition to his own business, and believes that by sharing, we can create more honestly and sustainably.

“We’re excited to offer these courses on The Designer’s Class as the conversation about decoding sustainable practises gains traction in India. Jayanti and Ateev will take two different approaches to the topic and will teach two different applications as well: Jayanti will teach about how to make a luxury fashion brand sustainable, and Ateev will teach about how to build a sustainable brand from the ground up,” says Samarth Bajaj, co-founder of The Designer’s Class.

The Designer’s ClassTM, a creation of Edutechtionalists India Pvt. Ltd., is a first-of-its-kind holistic e-learning platform dedicated only to the various verticals of design, has made elite design education available to all, across the country. It is designed to be consumed by anyone and everyone – from 6th grade students to young adults working or studying in design-related industries, homemakers interested in learning design, and even design entrepreneurs. It aspires to improve and democratise the way design education is delivered in India today.



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