6 ways to cope with anger in a professional setting

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New Delhi– Anger is a natural feeling that everyone experiences from time to time. We commonly experience it in response to challenging events, such as those that make us feel unappreciated or powerless. Differences of opinion is a key factor: when people battle for their point of view, voices and tensions frequently grow.

Negative emotions will inevitably arise at work, just as they do in our personal life – and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What matters is how you deal with those negative emotions and move forward. Harshit Malik; Enrichment Guide, Wisdom Coach and an Entrepreneur gives six tips that will help you cope with anger in your workspace.

Improving the work culture

The workplace should have a foundation built on rational problem solving and positive behaviour of the employees. This will help in avoiding unnecessary instances which lead to anger.

Practise relaxation skills

Put your relaxation abilities to use when your temper rises. Deep breathing exercises, concentrating on the flow of energies in your body, visualizing a calming scenery, or repeating a calming word or phrase, such as “Take it easy,” can all help you relax. You might also listen to music, and practise a few yoga positions if you want to relax or exercise before going to work. Exercising is a great way to let some steam off. Doing things will not only keep you physically healthy but also mentally fit which will help you deal with similar situations better.

Control your physical responses

Rather than going off on a person when you are angry, it is better to calm down and then approach the situation. This way you will have a better understanding of the whole matter and will be able to face it with a clear mind. There are many situations that will be beyond your control, it is critical to let go of your anger. Ask yourself “Can I resolve whatever is creating this anger?”. If you are unable to do so, you must let it go

Journal down your thoughts

Writing things down might sometimes serve you in figuring out why you’re angry and how to deal with it. Try writing a letter to someone to figure out what’s making you upset, how you’re reacting to it, and how you want to deal with your feelings. Take a moment to reread your letter before sharing it. This strategy will allow you to express your emotions while also allowing you to put things into perspective by reading over your words. You may decide not to send the letter because your emotions have subsided after writing it, or you may discover that writing it down helps you find the perfect words to use in a discussion.

Take a break

If things have gotten too much for you – one of the finest solutions is to take out some time for yourself. Take a break from work and eat your lunch/grab a cup of coffee with a close colleague or simply go for a walk outside. Getting out from behind those four walls can give you the physical and mental distance you need to de-stress and unwind.

Be forgiving and understanding

Choose forgiveness over anger if you believe someone at work has treated you unfairly. Focus on the more positive emotions of understanding rather than the negative emotion of rage. You can learn to be more forgiving and considerate to others by being more thoughtful, aware, and sure of your identity. This can also help you focus better on work by preventing you from wasting energy on arguments and confrontations. (IANS)


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