25 ways to decorate your home on a budget

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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Home is where the heart is and decorating it is a real bliss! Whether it is about decorating the corner of your space or redoing the wall part, few additions can make a house feel like a home. Along with major furniture pieces, the little things matter too.

So, is your home due for a quick design update? Here are 25 home decor ideas by Michelle Williamson, Interior Designer, WoodenStreet, to deck up your home on a low budget. Let’s move around every corner of your home to decorate.

Living Room

1. Cushion Covers

When it comes to the living room, the first thing that takes the limelight is the sofa set. And, directly or indirectly cushion covers have a relation with your sofa set. There’s nothing as quick as redoing your home space with cushion covers. It has the power to instantly uplift the aura of your space and draws colours to the room. Whether square, triangle or rectangular, you can add cushion covers of different varieties available online of any colour you want.

2. Wall Arts

Empty walls? No, it won’t work anymore. Make your wall exciting with a picture-perfect wall art. The options are tremendous; you can choose based on the style of your living room. For an example, Wooden Wall Mask or marble segments in this can really make a statement.

3. Carpets and Rug

Done with the wall art? It’s time for floor art. Oh yes! Geometrical, Classical, Vintage, Abstract, etc., there are a variety of designs in Rugs and carpets to dive for. Along with providing the furnishing to your floor, it ties the entire look of your home. Abstract Multicolour rugs these days can be your go-to option for a trendy home deck up.

4. Floor Lamps

If we talk about that one decorative element that can single-handedly brighten up a room, it’s light. Make sense? And, here we’re talking about the floor lamps as a must-have decorating item in a living room. This is one of the amazing home decorating items which can tick mark the criteria of an insta-worthy living room.

5. Wall Clocks

As all the living room moments are precious, wall clocks in this case, are here to remind you that time is precious too. Look for a wall clock that doubles as artwork for the perfect makeover. Searching for the options? The textured analog wall clock or a metal one these days can fit your requirements right.

Dining Room

6. Flower Pot & Vase

The fondest memories are made when you are gathered around the dining table. So, decorating it is very important. Why not start with a flower vase? A flower port and vase instantly offers the much-needed oomph factor to space and that too in a budget-friendly manner. Well, no restrictions on design or colour ideas in this, because these look great in every aspect.

7. Table Runners

While we put it on you in case of a flower vase, here we would suggest going with a bold and patterned tablecloth which can instantly give your dining space a wow appearance.

8. Mirror Frames

Yes, the trend says this — of adding mirror frames. As, it fits under the criteria of a beautiful yet low-budget home decorating idea. Mirrors somehow have the tendency to make space feel brighter and they spread the light around the room. Bohemian theme in mirror frames is one such no-doubt idea to go for.

9. Serving Trays

Don’t miss a chance to be a master host in front of your guests. Impress your guests with the right serving trays and dinner sets master host. The perfect cutlery and dinner sets will make space feel more graceful than ever. White is always right in case of dinner sets while serving trays rock the stage with Brown.

Kitchen Room

10. Kitchen Shelves

When it is about decorating the heart of the home, kitchen shelves come as the foremost important item. The trending options in this are: latticed kitchen shelves and one with an impressive curio display; the choice is yours!

11. Jars

Jars can be decorative too. Yes, transparent or non-transparent is definitely your choice to go for. In the case of glass jars, you can go with those having colourful caps, while the art painting on ceramic ones can also make a statement.

12. Spice Box

Those magic spices do deserve the right place in the kitchen. Keep it simple and sleek with square or rectangular patterns, or opt for some cool shape, like triangular or hexagonal.


13. Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great way of giving a personalized touch to your private space. This way, you will get the chance to showcase your precious moments with the pictures you love. A collage photo frame having a sleek design can work really great in this.

14. Table Lamp

While offering the chic look, they make a beautiful statement and also helps you in your reading marathons. Our vote is to go with contrast like a Golden table lamp with black shade in this.

15. Bed Sheets

Block prints and florals are always in when it comes to bedsheets. It has the capability to instantly change the beauty of the space. While white bedsheets are the evergreen choices, one can also go with darker hues like Blues and Reds to infuse boldness in a room.

16. Curtains

Window treatments calling! Curtains are the answer to it. These add privacy to space and can work as a decor element too if chosen right. The key trick here is to strike a balance between the two.


17. Soap Dispenser Sets

Who said bathrooms cannot be decorative? Soap dispenser sets are an easy way to add personality to your bathroom. Go for a chic look with black, brown or beige, or add a more playful approach with multicoloured shades.

18. Bathroom Mirrors

Gone are the days when bathroom mirrors were plain. Go for a little glam, or vice- versa. Moreover, the hanging lights can further set the bar high in the bathroom too!

Home Temple

19. Pooja Chowki

Gods deserves the special treatment in the first place. It is always right to go with wooden ones in this field. Pooja chowki designs of either having multicolours or cyan shade are in vogue.

20. Pooja Shelves

To make your home temple decorative, wall-mounted pooja shelves are the ideal options in this era of pocket-friendly home decoration ideas.

Home Garden

21. Plant Stand

A corner of 3 plant stands unite together or an accent wall for succulents’ decor is a super easy DIY for a home garden.

22. Hanging Planters

If the above one doesn’t excite you much, here is another option which is surely exciting and budget-friendly. Whether balcony, backyard or your garden area, it can work super fine in all cases.

23. Jharokhas

A touch of traditionalism can be achieved with jharokhas. Wooden jharokhas can makeover your dull wall. Multicolour floral prints or Mughal-inspired designs are the trendsetters in this segment of low-budget home decorating ideas.

Bar Area

24. Beer Mugs

Yes, these can definitely be statement pieces. Go for the high-quality beer mugs to ensure that the party mode is on and let them become the talk of the show.

25. Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses come as another low-budget and high-fancy item. Bubble shapes, lotus cuts, and Mughal ceramic glasses are some of the designer options to select from in this category.

Inspired by the above ideas? Applying it will make any space look like it’s straight out of Pinterest without breaking the bank. Time to wake up and deck up! (IANS)


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