Zee Music Releases Music Video “Yumbarzaloo” on Kashmir Written by Boston Poet Sunayana Kachroo

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BOSTON–Zee Music recently released “Yumbarzaloo” a music video on Kashmir, whose lyrics are written by Boston-based award winning poet/film writer Sunayana Kachroo.

Award winning Director Danish Renzu has directed it and famous Kashmiri singer Yawar Abdal is the composer/singer. The video stars actress Soni Razdan and Anisa Bhatt.

Sunayana Kachroo

The video has already created a buzz and is trending in Kashmir. It is being praised for its brilliant direction, lyrics, music and cinematography.

The narrative follows the story of Sonia, a travel enthusiast who comes to Kashmir during one of her adventurous trips. She lies to her mother about being in Ladakh while continuing to explore Kashmir, its beautiful locations, snowcapped mountains, picturesque dal lake, small cozy markets, Kashmiri delicacies, sipping Kehwa overlooking drifting morning fog.

The video portrays the side of Kashmir that has probably been forgotten but is very much alive today: its hospitability and most importantly its friendly people.

Sonia is absorbing it all but she is also in search of something.

A story that connects her to this place, something that she has seen in an old family album….. she visits Babareshi shrine in search of answers on why her father used to call her ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’.

Does Sonia find that place? Why is she looking for this place? How will her mother react when she finds out the truth?  These are some of the things that this music video tries to unfold.

Travel enthusiasts, women travelers, mothers and daughters, and people in search of their stories should see this video.

The song echoes the call from the valley in its chorus

“Yoor walo Yambarzalo
(Come back oh my love)
Myane vati Aki lati
(My way one more time)
Posh bagh Aab Nag
(These Gardens and springs)
Chon Naav Chon Naav
(Are all calling Your name)”

The complete video can be seen on


Directed & Produced by Danish Renzu

Cast: Anisa Butt, Soni Razdan, Muazzam Bhat, Siyab Mir & Gulzar Bhat

Singer/Composer: Yawar Abdal

Lyricist: Sunayana Kachroo

Cinematographer: John Wilmor

Drone Operator: Junaid Bin Rashid

First Assistant Director: Sheikh Zaid Zahoor

Edited by Parikshshit Jha

Makeup and Hair by Masarat Makeovers

Costume Designer & Stylist: Yasmin Qureshi, Mahvish Renzu & Iqra Ahmad

Production Head: Misbah Ali

Re-Recording Mixer: Koteswara Rao S V DI: Prasad Lab Mumbai, Pvt Ltd

DI Colorist: Kiran Kumar Kota

Music Department: Recording studio: NoizzeBoxx by Swatantra Sarode and Paralights music by Ayan De

Mixing and mastering: Swatantra Sarodhe

Recording Engineer: Akshay Gaikwad Co-Mix Engineer: Ayan De Drums Percussions: Akash Gupta Rebab: Sufiyan Malik Flute: Himanshu Bakshi Guitars: Bhushan Chitnis Bass: Akshay Gaikwad Piano: Akshay Gaikwad Backing vocals: Swati Gavhane, Smita Sapre, Ritu Zalpuri, Hitachi Keni, Nicky Marcella & Nupur Muley



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