Won’t ‘play games,’ will declare win ‘when there is victory’: Trump

President Trump (Photo: IANS)
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By Arul Louis

New York– US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he will declare victory only when and if he wins the poll, making an attempt to clarify his ambiguous position during a chaotic election.

He would declare victory “when there is victory. If there is victory,” he told Fox News in a morning phone call.

“You know, there is no reason to play games,” he said.

But he asserted, “I think we will have victory. You know, I look at it as being a very, you know, a very solid chance at winning.”

Trump is trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden by 7.2 per cent according to the latest aggregation of major polls by RealClear Politics.

He criticised the polls, saying: “I think the polls are, you know, suppression polls”, implying they would discourage his supporters from voting by giving the impression he had no chance of winning.

Some media have alleged that Trump was planning to declare victory even before there is a formal final vote count to sow chaos.

Both he and his Democratic Party opponent Joe Biden have already voted under the early voting procedure.

Meanwhile, Biden started the day by going to a church with his wife Jill and two granddaughters and visiting the grave of his son, Beau, a military veteran who later became the Attorney General of Delaware state.

He is scheduled to address campaign events while the elections were on in Scranton and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, the state he was born in, in a last minute push for votes. (IANS)



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