Woman dupes Andhra merchant as wife of judge, caught with sarees

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Bengaluru– The Bengaluru police arrested a 45-year-old woman for deceiving a shop-keeper in Andhra Pradesh posing as the wife of a Judge in Bengaluru.

The police said that the accused used to pose as a judge’s wife and took advantage of a gullible shopkeeper to hand over more than 120 silk sarees valued Rs 3 lakh from him.

According to the police, the accused is Shashikala H., 45, resident of Suguna Comforts, Indiranagar, in Bengaluru.

The police said that Shashikala had visited a Pedam Textiles shop in Paturu village in Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, there she negotiated a price for silk sarees and she asked shopkeeper to bring those sarees to Unishire Panamera Apartments, impersonating that she was wife of a judge.

Believing her, the shopkeeper delivered sarees to Unishire Panamera apartments, after taking delivery Shashikala convinced him that she would show the sarees to her husband and she would come back to pay him.

“Again believing her, the shopkeeper waited for her to return, but she had fled to her original house in Indiranagar,” the police said.

The police registered a case and investigation is on. (IANS)


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