Winter skincare tips Sara Ali Khan swears by

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New Delhi– Winter is everyone’s favourite season for getting together with friends and family, eating warm, toasty treats while basking in the sun, and, most importantly, taking advantage of the seasonal weather change. However, despite all of the joy, festivities, and excitement, the harsh, dry weather may leave skin looking drab and dry.

In such a situation, how do Bollywood stars maintain their skin’s radiance and freshness throughout the harsh winter months and keep their lustre?

Here are some easy steal-worthy tips Sara Ali Khan swears by for a happy and health skin:

Hydrate yourself: In the midst of our hectic lives, we frequently overlook the importance of drinking water. Water aids in the removal of toxins from the body, resulting in a natural glow both inside and out. It removes pollutants from your body and strengthens your immune system, making it more resistant to microorganisms that cause ailments in the winter. Drinking plenty of water also aids in moisture retention, giving your skin a happy and healthy look.

Adequate sleep: Your beauty sleep should never be compromised. It’s preferable to get eight hours of sleep, but at the very least, six hours of uninterrupted sleep is required. Sleep causes an increase in blood flow, which allows the body to pump oxygen to the surface and repair damage done during the day. Not only physiologically, but also intellectually, getting enough sleep makes things feel and look better.

Protect with more layering: Winter is all about conquering your woolens, but the rough material may keep you warm in the winter, but it might irritate your skin as it rubs against it during the day. To avoid chafing and irritation, always wear a protective layer underneath.

Rejuvenate: During the winter, hot water showers are the most appealing. However, prolonged exposure to hot water damages your skin. Long showers and the use of the improper bathing products can make your skin look drab and dry. Your skin will feel soft and pleasant after a fast lukewarm shower and the use of the correct bathing products, such as Fiama’s Gel Bars and shower gel collection with skin conditioners. Also, once you’ve gotten out of the shower, don’t forget to pat your skin dry. (IANS)


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