What to feed your baby in year one?

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By Peeyoosh Rankhamb

New Delhi– Parents, do you have any doubts regarding what to feed your newborn during the first year? Are you becoming anxious because of this? What should be the eating schedule for your baby?

The right kind of nutrition during the early years of life can help in the growth and development of the little one. Thus, exclusive feeding for over a year as per the doctor’s advice remains key for your baby to stay healthy and keep various allergies, infections, and diseases away. Breastfeeding is vital for the baby and fulfils the baby’s requirement of nutrition. At six months you need to also introduce the baby to solid foods.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts that you need to follow

* Do not introduce your baby to solid foods immediately after the first few months. The little one may not be ready for it and you will have a tough time making the baby eat this food. You should give breast milk to your child and formula milk can be given after consulting the doctor. Just be patient and follow the suggestions given by the expert.

* The mother must breastfeed the baby after every two hours, including at the night. You need to properly understand the hunger cues that the baby gives you. Do not force the baby to take feeds. He/she can get grumpy and annoyed. You need to note down how many times the baby is taking feeds in a day, and if he/she is feeding correctly.

* Make sure that you inculcate healthy eating habits in your babies that can help him/her throughout life. Solid foods should be introduced after six months depending on the growth and development of the baby. Do not give nuts, raisins, peanuts, nuts, jelly cubes or big pieces of food that may get stuck in the mouth.

* Give properly cooked or mashed potatoes, veggies, cheese, bananas, and peas. Do not introduce babies to finger foods as they are unhealthy. Make him/her eat whole fruits instead of chips or oily snacks.

* Chocolate contains caffeine and sugar and should be avoided after all you don’t want to give your baby caffeine, right? This is so because your baby’s health matters to you the most. Hence, it will be essential for you to make sure your baby is eating healthy foods.

* Before giving an egg, ask the expert as an egg can lead to allergies. Raw vegetables contain high levels of nitrate and should be avoided owing to the choking hazards.

In case you want to understand the diet in a better way than just consult an expert who will help you regarding how to feed the baby in the correct way. (IANS)


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