Waste Industries Prepares for Connected Future with Actifio

Ash Ashutosh
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BOSTON– Actifio, an Enterprise Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS) company, announced a partnership with Waste Industries, a provider of non-hazardous solid waste recycling, collection and disposals services since 1970.

One of the top 10 haulers in the United States, Waste Industries generates annual revenues of more than $615 million, and has long been at the forefront of the movement toward environmentally friendly practices. Adopting Actifio allowed Waste Industries to take its digital transformation to the next level.

“Actifio helps prepare Waste Industries for the challenges of an inevitable scaled-out future,” said Actifio founder and CEO Ash Ashutosh. “It’s through virtualization that organizations like Waste Industries relieve themselves of many of the cost burdens associated with massive data management, while freeing their infrastructure and their knowledge workforces to develop the next generation of applications and services that will drive future revenues.”

Ash Ashutosh

Waste Industries began utilizing Actifio when the need arose in 2016 to have critical applications online with a lower recovery point objective (RPO) and a recovery time objective (RTO). The IT team would have been hard pressed to meet this requirement and stay cost neutral with a traditional architecture, which also limits the ability to innovate with a future technology like IoT.

Given the inevitable increase in data loads that accompany highly granular data sets and real-time analytics of emerging IoT applications, the need for resiliency would only grow as the company’s trucks became more connected. With features like the StreamSnap replication that work alongside Resiliency Director to streamline both the backup and recovery processes in distributed environments, Actifio’s offering has enabled the company to meet the challenges of today, and prepare for those of a scaled out future.

“We talked about several storage redundancy solutions, and we realized we could either pay for the cost of disasters, or invest in resilience and reduce our risk,” said Waste Industries Head of IT Hubert Barkley. “The Actifio choice was about resiliency, but also about getting to a place where we could get even more innovative with data refresh, IoT and predictive analytics.”



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