Vishal Mishra: ‘Kaise hua’ is my companion forever

Vishal Mishra
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Mumbai– The Shahid Kapoor-starrer “Kabir Singh” is all set to complete two years of release on June 21. Singer Vishal Mishra, who sang the hit number “Kaise hua” in the film, says the track is his “companion forever”.

“‘Kaise hua’ is my companion forever. I still remember it so fresh that it feels like it was released yesterday. It still gets so much love. It’s still trending everywhere even after two years. It’s a great feeling as an artiste, when you’re understood everywhere, and I feel I’m blessed with the best listeners. The fact that I’m understood by them is a feeling that nothing else can match,” Mishra said.

“Everybody who was involved in the song invested their love and heart and that’s what reflected in the song and the love that it got. It’s a surreal feeling and I hope I get many more such opportunities like ‘Kaise Hua’,” he went on.

“Kabir Singh” is a remake of Telugu film “Arjun Reddy”. It stars Shahid Kapoor as a hot-headed surgeon who spirals into self-destruction when his girlfriend, Preeti, played by Kiara Advani, marries someone else. (IANS)


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