Varun finds it tough to choose best talent for ‘Entertainment No. 1’

Varun Dhawan
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Mumbai– Bollywood superstar Varun Dhawan who is mentoring and judging an online talent hunt show says that the mind-blowing performance of thousands of youngsters across the nation giving him a tough time to choose the best out of the best.

Being the mentor of the show, Varun said: “The performances we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks on Entertainer No. 1 have truly been ‘awake’ and absolutely mind blowing! I have had the toughest time picking my favourites and end up spending hours on the app browsing through the unique and entertaining content. I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks have in store, I’m sure some blockbuster performances are coming our way!”

The stay-home reality show is launched on Flipkart video in collaboration with Varun.

From dancers to acrobats, magicians to actors and everything else in between, the showcase of talent so far has been astounding.

As the actor is highly impressed by the variety of talents from the participants, mentioning few talents Varun said: “Yuvraj Singh who put up an act of air walk, takes me back to memories of my favourite – the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. His debut on Entertainer No. 1, is groovy, smooth and unlike anyone else.”

Talking about Sarvam Patel, one of the sand artiste who participated in the show, the ‘ABCD’ famed actor said, “Sarvam’s entry tugs on the strings of my heart. Keeping in mind the tough times we’re in, Sarvam’s beautiful sand art depicts a story of victory and motivates us to fight the pandemic together as a nation. I am looking forward to more stories that he’s going to tell us through his art.”

Being one of the Bollywood stars who is known for flaunting his bare body and encourage fitness, Varun said that he is quite impressed by the act of ‘Hydroman’ Jaydeep Gohil.

Varun said: “It is extremely difficult to maintain balance and move the way he is moving underwater. What amazes me is how effortless he makes the whole thing seem while holding his breath for so long. That is definitely a rare combination of talent which needs recognition. I’d love to learn how to do this” (IANS)


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