US: The Most Mobile Nation in the World with 395 People Per Day Settling in Massachusetts in 2018

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BOSTON—Three hundred ninety-five people per day settled in Massachusetts in 2018, most of them came from New York, according to a report from STORAGECafé, a nationwide self-storage search platform, powered by Yardi.

The latest report on interstate moving patterns in the U.S. ranked Massachusetts in the top 10 most popular relocation destination for New Yorkers, with a total of almost 20,000 newcomers arriving from this state.

In order to provide a better idea about the behavior of the 9.8% of Americans who changed states in 2018, STORAGECAFE partnered with United Van Lines for pricing information and drilled down into the most recent U.S. Census data to analyze interstate migration patterns.

Here are some interesting findings:

  • 395 people per day settled in Massachusetts in 2018 (a total of 144,042), with Middlesex County seeing a greater influx from out of state than any other region.
  • The primary origin of newcomers to Massachusetts was New York, which accounted for no less than 14% (19,960) of the total number of new residents.
  • However, with over 179,000 people moving away in the same time frame, Massachusetts lost almost 35,000 of its population.
  • Bay Staters primarily chose New Hampshire as their relocation destination, with 20,416 of them moving to the Granite State.
  • Overall, the national trend is for people to move south, targeting the sea shore and lower taxes.

More info on moving trends from the report:

Americans are one of the most mobile nations in the world, according to a global study led by researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia. US citizens ranked third in terms of cross-country mobility among the 60 countries considered in the research, and their appetite for moving is surpassed only by that of the New Zealanders and South Koreans. The likelihood of an American resident changing his address within five years stands at 45.9%, the aforementioned research claims. Americans are about five times more likely to move within a five-year period than the residents of Spain and India, for example.

The average cost of the interstate moves in our dataset varies between $2,400 and $4,500, depending on the distance. Swapping California for Texas, which is the most common route nationally, with more than 86,000 taking it last year, comes with a price tag between $3,700 and $4,100. Another very popular migration choice, also originating from California but this time leading to Arizona, costs roughly between $3,300 and $3,600. These costs are not exorbitant when you think that people who have large homes often spend upwards of $10k to move from state to state.

Californians, the most mobile of all Americans, with more than 690,000 of them moving to a different state in 2018, have to foot a bill between $3,800 and $4,200 in order to get to Washington State, which is another popular destination. Luckily, going to Nevada is somewhat less expensive for them – between $3,200 and $3,500.

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