US State Senate passes resolution honouring Sikh community

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New York– The Senate in the US state of Utah unanimously passed a resolution highlighting the history and significant contributions of the Sikh community.

The resolution, which was passed last week, appreciated the Sikhs for their humanitarian services, despite receiving hate and facing oppression for their faith worldwide.

“The Senate unanimously passed H.J.R (House Joint Resolution) 4, a resolution highlighting the history and significant contributions of the Sikh community. We were joined by members of Utah’s Sikh community as well as those from India and other parts of the world,” a tweet from the Utah Senate read.

The resolution was moved by Representative Angela Romero and Senator Luz Escamilla from Salt Lake City.

It noted Sikhism as one of the largest religions in the world focused on “loving service to humanity,” but has for long faced “oppression and discrimination throughout the world”.

“The state of Utah seeks to further the diversity of its community and afford all residents the opportunity to better understand, recognise, and appreciate the rich history and shared experiences of Sikhs to enforce laws for access to equal opportunity of humans, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, or appearance,” the resolution stated.

Before Utah, 15 other states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have recognised the Sikh community for their service.

In December, Utah became the 15th state in the US to include information about Sikhism, Sikh practices, and traditions in their schools’ social studies syllabi.

Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world and the community has contributed to American society for over 125 years in the fields of civil rights, politics, agriculture, engineering, and medicine. (IANS)



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