US largest generator of plastic waste

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Washington–The US was the world’s “top generator of plastic waste” in 2016, exceeding all European nations combined, The Hill reported recently.

An article, entitled “US must cut plastic production to save oceans,” was published on Wednesday, citing a new study by the National Academy of Sciences.

With a population of about 330 million, accounting for only 4.3 per cent of earth’s population, the US generates a total of 42 million metric tons of such waste in 2016, the report said.

“The waste is devastating the ocean’s health and marine wildlife,” it reported.

“Plastic waste is an environmental and social crisis that the US needs to affirmatively address from source to sea,” Margaret Spring, chair of the committee behind the report was quoted as saying in The Hill’s article.

However, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) – a trade group that represents 28 companies, including oil giants, major chemical manufacturers and plastic makers – slammed the study’s recommendation that plastic production should be limited, Xinhua news agency reported.

Joshua Baca, Vice President of plastics at the ACC, was quoted by the report as saying that “plastic is a valuable resource that should be kept in our economy and out of our environment.” (IANS)



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