Udit Batra-Led Waters Corp. Establishes Flagship Innovation and Research Laboratory in Cambridge

Researcher or scientist running experiment on Andrew+ at Immerse Lab
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.– Waters Corporation announced this week at Biotech Week Boston the establishment of Immerse™ Cambridge, a new Waters’ research laboratory in the heart of Cambridge’s Kendall Square.

Immerse Cambridge will serve as a strategic, collaborative space in the community, where Waters can partner with academia, research and industry to accelerate the next generation of scientific advancements.

Udit Batra Photo: MassBio)

“Immerse Cambridge will house the latest analytical instruments and technology from Waters and will allow us to offer the deep expertise of our scientists to partner with the biotech community to innovate, collaborate and interrogate biology in new ways,” said Udit Batra, Waters President and CEO. “Waters’ presence in Kendall Square will enable us to accelerate fresh ideas, partnerships and opportunities, which encapsulates what Biotech Week Boston is all about.”

Immerse Cambridge’s open innovation concept features the latest cutting-edge analytical, informatics and automation tools that apply to a variety of disciplines across life sciences. The laboratory is purpose-built for innovation and discovery with both speed and agility. It is also optimized for disseminating and expanding ideas through training, joint research and mentoring experiences for students and up-and-coming industry professionals.

Waters announced that a cornerstone project at Immerse Cambridge will feature researchers from both Boston University and Waters co-developing more effective Influenza A virus vaccines. The collaboration, aided by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, will harness breakthrough ion mobility-mass spectrometry and bioinformatics technologies to develop more effective methods and techniques for measuring protein glycosylation. In the process, researchers aspire to not only solve a critical problem for influenza vaccine development, but also establish analytical and software solutions that will be broadly applicable for the future of vaccine development and the biomedical field.


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