Two months after husband’s death, Meena pledges organs for donation

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Chennai–One of Tamil cinema’s popular actresses, Meena, has pledged her organs for donation.

On social media, the actress said: “There is no greater good than saving lives. Organ donation is one of the noblest ways to save lives. It is a boon, a second chance for many who are battling chronic illness, which I personally went through.

“Wish my Sagar was blessed with more donors, which could have changed my life! One donor can save eight lives. Hope everyone understands the importance of organ donation.

“It’s not just between the donors and recipients and doctors. It greatly affects families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Today, I am taking a pledge to donate my organs.”

In a tribute to her late husband, Vidyasagar, the actress concluded her post with: “The best way to make your legacy to live on. Love Meena Sagar.”

Vidyasagar passed away at a private hospital in Chennai in June this year. He was diagnosed with a lung ailment in March and had to be treated for it. Prior to that, he was down with Covid-19 but had managed to recover from it.

The health condition of Vidyasagar, who was hospitalised for the treatment of his lung problem, worsened in late June and he passed away on June 28. (IANS)


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