Trisha Krishnan on how she manages a work-life balance

Trisha Krishnan (Photo: IANS)
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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Trisha Krishnan, one of South Indian cinema’s most popular and sought-after heroines, says she is fortunate to have reached a position where she chooses the kind of work she does.

“Hence, I make sure to take few days off every month to travel, rest and recuperate. These days off give me time to come back home and rejuvenate for my next shoot,” she reveals.

In an interview with IANSlife, Trishna, who recently collaborated with Britannia Toastea to star in its latest TVC campaign alongside Bollywood veteran Neena Gupta, shares more about her day-to-day life, her diet and fitness regime. Read on:

Q: What is your daily diet ?
A: My daily diet includes fruit bowl and vegetables. I also believe in intermittent fasting. I occasionally enjoy a cheat meal but also make sure to compensate every time. A good-clean-healthy-moderated-balanced diet is my mantra.

Q: What’s your fitness regime?
A: I manage to work-out regularly despite having a hectic schedule. Yoga, functional fitness and cardio are my favourites as they calm my mind from the stress of hectic shoots.

Q: How do you ensure a work and personal life balance?
A: I work while I work, play while I play. In this kind of profession, we lead hectic and erratic lives. I’m fortunate to have reached a position where I choose the kind of work I do. Hence, I make sure to take few days off every month to travel, rest and recuperate. These few days off give me time to come back home and rejuvenate for my next shoot.

Q: Tell us about your collaboration with Britannia for this campaign.
A: This is my first association with Britannia Toastea and I am very excited to be a part of this campaign. Britannia Toastea is the perfect tea-time companion and gives a jump start to our day, which is exactly what we have attempted to show through this new campaign. For me and many our women across the country, the first cup of tea with a Britannia Toastea busts hunger and gives our day a “Karari Shuruwat”.

The new campaign is fun, quirky that also features (Gupta) Neena Ma’am playing a lively and understanding sassu maa in the film and I am her daughter-in-law tackling multiple tasks through the day. The TVC showcases the many roles a woman plays in the household, a PT teacher to her son, manager to her husband and a doctor to her in-laws and to give her the “Karari Shuruwat” every morning, Britannia Toastea becomes the perfect hunger buster with her morning tea.

Q: How was it working with Bollywood veteran Neena Gupta?
A: It was lovely working with Neena ma’am, she is humble and down to earth. We had a great time shooting together.

Q: What advice do you have for working women?
A: As a woman, we have multiple roles to play through the day. The workload and responsibilities have increased further in the last nine months. Most women start their day on an empty stomach letting the morning hunger define the tune of their day. All the superwomen of every home need a ‘karari shuruwat’ – which should be a perfect balance of taste and wholesome goodness with their morning cup of tea to handle all the roles they play perfectly. (IANS)



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