Tips to take care of silver jewellery during monsoon

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New Delhi– Whether it’s a dainty necklace, bold pair of jhumkas, or a statement nose pin, silver jewellery has always been a classic choice for most women. But given the onset of monsoon, the heightened humidity can damage your silver pieces. The moisture can cause silver to tarnish and oxidise, thereby hampering the quality and making the piece lose its original lustre.

Prabakar Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder of Divas Mantra, shares some tips that can help you protect your silver pieces:

Clean your silver jewellery from time to time

Silver as a metal has a tendency to tarnish in monsoon due to humidity, hence its crucial to clean your silver jewellery from time to time. In order to keep them clean, you can wash your pieces using tooth powder, water and a soft cotton cloth.

Store it in a dry place

While cleaning your silver jewellery is a critical factor, it’s also important that you store it right as well. Silver jewellery needs to be stored in a place which is dry given that monsoon brings a lot of humidity and moisture in the air along with it.

Use silica gel bags or a piece of chalk

In case storing silver jewellery in a dry place isn’t enough to get rid of the moisture, you can keep small sachets of silica gel bags or a piece of chalk in your jewellery box. This will help absorb the moisture in the environment thereby preventing the jewellery from tarnishing.

Use a ziplock bag to store your silver jewellery

Besides all the other factors mentioned above, this tip plays a vital role to ensure that your silver jewellery outlasts your previous silver pieces. Ensure that you store individual pieces in a ziplock bag that will not only protect your pieces against the outer pressure but it will safeguard the jewellery from being scratched, therefore making it look as good as new always.

Avoid storing silver jewellery with leather accessories

For utmost protection, ensure that you do not store jewellery along with any leather accessories.

Leather during monsoon tends to get covered in fungus causing the leather to be eaten up completely. In order to avoid collateral damage, it’s best to avoid storing silver jewellery with any leather accessories.

Avoid wearing silver jewellery during monsoon

Last but not the least; avoid wearing silver jewellery while it’s raining outside. No matter how much we love wearing silver jewellery all year round, it’s imperative to put it away till monsoon recedes in order to keep your favourite pieces intact and in good condition for the festive season. (IANS)


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