Tips to style boxer shorts for maximum comfort

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New Delhi– Boxer shorts for men have been popular since the 1930s and are the ultimate foundation for casual style and comfort. Without the extra fabric around the thighs, it’s a great summer suit because it allows air to circulate freely, making it more comfortable to wear and avoiding summer rashes.

The widely held misconception that men should only wear boxer shorts in private and never in public is gradually dissolving. Boxer shorts are the same length as regular shorts, making them the most practical and traditional option to wear on the inside, outside, and everywhere in between.

Sakshi Srivastava, Senior Fashion Designer, DaMENSCH shares ways to style boxer shorts for maximum comfort:

Parade your expertise in menswear styling with a tank top/sleeveless t-shirt over your boxer shorts.

Matching your favourite pair of boxer shorts with a flare tank top or a sleeveless t-shirt will restore the cooling effect you need to get through the summer, whether you’re going for a swim or enjoying a few drinks by the pool. This look can be completed with multicoloured athletic sneakers or brown leather sandals. Furthermore, with two pockets, you’ll have enough room for your wallet, car keys, and pretty much anything else.

Match it with a basic round-neck or crew neck t-shirt

Boxer shorts are now available in a variety of prints and patterns. You can get it in almost any colour or print you want. As a result, if you only had one item to add to your outfit for an effortless look, this is it. This look allows you to work from home comfortably while also allowing you to sneak out of the house. A pair of black canvas sandals or suede espadrilles will instantly up the fashion factor of the outfit. This is how the seamless transition from inside to outside is supposed to feel.

Opt for a long/half sleeve shirt and boxer shorts for a fuss-free look

If you need to be as comfortable as possible while still looking cool and relaxed without trying too hard, wear a white or grey long/half sleeve shirt. Nothing beats patterned boxer shorts and an open button shirt for a pool party or a trip to the beach. A gentlemen’s favourite is the breezy, unconstrained, and casual combination of a white cap, canvas or sneakers, and sunglasses.

Pair your mid-length boxer shorts with a polo shirt for a casual yet dapper look

This outfit has a modernised twist, with a snug fit top-wear perfectly pieced together with loose-fit bottom wear. Boxer shorts can make the lower body appear larger, making them ideal for men with slim legs. Complete your look with athletic shoes and sunglasses for maximum impact.

Pair it with anything you love to make it a day-to-day off-duty arsenal

The lightweight fabric of the boxer shorts is ideal for lounging and sleeping around the house on those lazy summer days. In their ultra-comfortable leisure material, you’ll be able to stay cool all night long, waking up all fun and fresh. (IANS)


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