TiE Global Elects Praveen Tailam as Chair, B.J. Arun as Vice Chair and a New Board of Trustees

Praveen Tailam
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BOSTON– TiE Global announced that former TiE Boston president Praveen Tailam has been elected as the Chairman of the TiE Global Board of Trustees.

Praveen was previously the Vice-Chairman of TiE Global Board in 2018. The TiE Global Board of Trustees also elected B.J. Arun as its Vice-Chairman.

In a letter to its members, TiE Global said that Praveen has been a charter member of TiE Boston for a long time. He is well-known in the community as an investor, startup advisor, speaker, mentor, and philanthropist. Praveen was the President of the Boston chapter from 2016-2018. Praveen is passionate about strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and frequently engages with investors and industry experts to infuse intellectual and investment capital.

Praveen was instrumental in promoting angel investing across the TiE ecosystem. Along with actively supporting and advising startups, Praveen co-manages multiple dental practices in New Hampshire and Maine. Praveen, a technologist by training, founded Redtail Consulting, a Boston area IT consulting practice in 2006 and operated the business through 2012 after being in the industry for several years.

B.J. Arun

B.J. Arun was the President of TiE Silicon Valley from 2019-2020 and was most recently the CEO of July Systems (acquired by Cisco in late 2018), a leader in location-based, digital customer acquisition and multi-channel engagement.  Arun also co-founded and was formerly CEO of Librato, a San Francisco based provider of complete solutions for monitoring and understanding the metrics that impact business at all levels of the stack. Librato was acquired by Solar Winds (NYSE: SWI) in January 2015. Prior to Librato, Arun founded and was CEO of California Digital, a market leader in the space of Linux based High Performance Computing. Under his leadership, California Digital deployed North America and Europe’s fastest Supercomputer: ‘Thunder’ at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs in 2004.

On being elected as Chair, Praveen said, “The year 2020 has been a challenging one, and it was gratifying to see how the chapters responded to stay relevant to the needs of the entrepreneurial community. Over the last several months, chapters continue to reinvent themselves and participate in numerous virtual events worldwide. The success of the recent TiE Global Summit (hosted by TiE Hyderabad) with almost 30,000 attendees is a testament to the strength of TiE. We have a high-caliber board and we will focus on increasing brand awareness, chapter development, TiE programs’ consistency, and measuring their impact. We will enhance our offerings and increase membership and mentor recruitment to advance our programs. We will continue to host events that boost networking opportunities across chapters and invest in technology platforms. TiE is well-positioned to advise state and central governments in proposing business-friendly policies to drive the startup ecosystems and enable cross-border investments”.

TiE Global programs include TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurship) for high-schoolers, TiE University – for university students, TiE Global Angels and TiE India Angels funding early and growth-stage startups, TiE Women provides opportunities for women entrepreneurs and TIE Access is a program to serve underserved communities and minorities.

TiE Global has also launched ten special interest groups in various domains, including  Education, Healthcare, Emerging Tech, Fintech, Gaming & Media, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing, Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability. The TiE Global Summit conference has empowered various stakeholders in the startup community in Asia and all over the world. The TiE Global Entrepreneur Awards is a new initiative which recognizes and celebrates outstanding entrepreneurs around the world.

Meet the Board of Trustees

The TiE Global Board comprises leaders and domain experts from around the world. Five new members were elected to the 2021 Board of Trustees. They are Gita Dang from TiE Delhi-NCR, P.K. Gulati from TiE Dubai, Ravi Narayan from TiE Bangalore, Pradeep Udhas from TiE Mumbai, and B.J. Arun from TiE Silicon Valley.

Current trustees serving on the Board are Praveen Tailam from TiE Boston, Smita Siddhanti from TiE DC, Dinesh Dhamija from TiE London, Kali Prasad Gadiraju from TiE Hyderabad, C.N. Madhusudan from TiE Atlanta, and Tariq Khan from TiE New York. You can see their Linked in profiles at : https://tie.org/board-of-trustees/


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