The Royal Food, Ambiance and Treatment at The Maharaja in Harvard Square

The Maharaja (Photo: INDIA New England News)

CAMBRIDGE, MA—One feature no Indian restaurant in Massachusetts can beat is the strategic and stunning location of The Maharaja restaurant in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge.

Located on the 2nd floor a with spectacular floor to ceiling windows overlooking bustling Harvard Square, The Maharaja owner says it is not just the location.

“One of my driving goals at Maharaja is to provide a welcoming high-end Indian Cuisine experience usually found in other major cities like London, New York and Washington but was mostly missing from Boston,” Raj Punjabi, owner of The Maharaja, told INDIA New England News.

Mr. Punjabi is trying to introduce a new flavor and style to Indian restaurant business in New England. He is a technology entrepreneur with a focus on companies spanning various stages of supply chain in the gifting industry from design and manufacturing to retail.

Photo: The Maharaja

Located at the former famed Bombay Club location, which closed about 10 years ago, The Maharaja is open 7 days/week, serving full dinner menu and lunch buffet. With a seating for 125 people, The Maharaja has full bar and a great ambience to relax and enjoy.

After Bombay Club closed, The Maharaja opened in 2012. Some industry observers then predicted that its may not survive because high rent (some estimate the rent at over $30,000 per month), but the restaurant has not only survived but is now thriving because of a steady stream of customers and word-of-mouth.

“That was the plan,” said Mr. Punjabi, who now wants to increase the profile of the restaurant and also seek some high-end catering for weddings and corporate events.

How did Mr. Punjabi get into the restaurant business?

When The Maharaja opened in 2012, he was just an investor as he invests in small businesses. In 2014, Mr. Punjabi took over the restaurant and began running it like any investors runs a typical company. As the bad luck has it, soon after there was a big fire in the restaurant in 2014 and it was closed down for a year and rebuilding and renovation.

“The fire was a big problem and it required a lot of investment. We wanted to give it another shot,” Mr. Punjabi said. “We completely renovated the restaurant made. It gave us a great opportunity.”

Mr. Punjabi said that his background in business, investing and his passion for customer service are the key mantras for the comeback and resounding success of The Maharaja.

“I come from IT industry and invest in many businesses, but Maharaja has become by baby, my pet project,” Mr. Punjabi said.

Yes, one more thing: There is no negotiations and bargaining for a deal at The Maharaja.

“We do not go back and forth. We offer fixed prices for everything we do,” Mr. Punjabi said.


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