The classical element took my song to another level: Nabeel Khan

Nabeel Khan
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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– Sarangi player-turned-singer and composer Nabeel Khan, who recently launched his third musical track ‘Tera Khayal Hai’, tells IANSlife that his training in the Indian classical instrument, Sarangi, has helped him become a musician with a unique skill set, and helps him melodiously merge elements of pure music in each of his songs.

Khan began to craft and refine his Sarangi talent at the tender age of seven under the tutelage of his grandfather Padma Bhushan awardee Ustad Sabri Khan and his father Ustad Nasir Khan. Continuing the legacy of the Moradabad Sainia Gharana Sarangi playing style, Khan is now carving a niche for himself and growing in his independent musicianship.

Launched through his YouTube channel, the new song has been written, composed, and sung by Khan himself and is produced by Akash Dey, who is a music composer and multi-instrumentalist from the Netherlands.

The soothing lyrics of the song bring out an enigmatic figment of imagination and is complemented by a video illustrating the nostalgia of the artist.

“After my previous successful streak of original songs, this is another production that is based on feelings that affects each one of us in different ways. Sometimes we persist in these imaginations and think so much that it almost takes a life of its own. Each song demands a personal touch that creates a lasting impact on the listeners. While writing and composing this track, I had to drive myself down my own fascinating memory lane to get the required emotions,” Khan shares.

Not just Khan, Akash Dey has a deep familial connection with the music. His first lessons were from his father who is a vocalist and harmonium player from Basugaon, Assam.

“My songs are examples of how the classical element of Sarangi can take a song to whole another level,” Khan said. The song is available on major platforms. (IANS)


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